The Real Story with Robin Kemp

Robin Kemp, host of The Real Story with Robin Kemp, the podcast of claytoncrescent.org
Robin Kemp hosts topical interviews focusing on what’s important to people who live in Clayton County and the Southern Crescent of metro Atlanta.

Ep. 25: Pinky Cole, restaurateur, on Slutty Vegan Jonesboro opening

Ep. 24: Attorneys Kosha Tucker and Sarah Geraghty on Clayton County Jail inmates’ federal suit over COVID-19

Ep. 23: Activist Eric Bell on community policing

Special Edition: Gerald Bostock and Thomas Mew on Bostock v. Clayton County

Ep. 22: Dr. Eric Bridges, Clayton State U, on systemic racism

Ep. 21: Dr. Jelani Favors, Clayton State U, on HBCUs

Ep. 20: Angel Massey, GA House Dist. 74 candidate, on unregulated trades

Ep. 19: Dwayne Fabian, candidate for sheriff, on Victor Hill

Ep. 18: Clayton State economist Brian Hunt on global COVID-19 impact

Ep. 17: Morrow Police Chief James Callaway on gangs, GGIA

Ep. 16: State Rep. Valencia Stovall on her U.S. Senate run

Ep. 15: Invest Clayton’s Erica Rocker-Wills on wooing businesses

Ep. 14: Hannah Palmer, writer/urban designer, on Finding the Flint

Ep. 13: Charlton Bivins, Dist. 6 CCPS candidate, on felons, kids, bikes

Ep. 12: Dr. Marcy Butler, Clayton State U, on reading COVID-19 statistics

Ep. 11: Dr. Morcease Beasley of CCPS on COVID-19 school impacts

Ep. 10: Chief State Judge Linda S. Cowen on video arraignments

Ep. 9: Solomon Emerson of Solo’s Barbershop on business reopening

Ep. 8: Prison Warden Dennis Nelson on COVID-19 behind bars

Ep. 7: Chief Probate Judge Pam Ferguson on court operations

Ep. 6: House Dist. 78 Candidate Attania Jean-Funny on her campaign

Ep. 5: Solicitor-General Charles Brooks on court operations

Ep. 4: Forest Park Councilman Hector Gutierrez on Latinx community

Ep. 3: Superior Court Judge Katie Powers on her campaign

Ep. 2: CCPS Board President Jessie Goree on COVID-19 teaching and learning

Ep.1: Clayton Crescent founder Robin Kemp explains why nonprofit news is necessary