Voters wait to cast ballots outside Morrow City Hall, Nov. 3, 2020. Photo: Robin Kemp/The Clayton Crescent

A new round of purging from Georgia’s voter list ahead of next year’s elections is poised to remove 191,473 voters previously placed into “inactive” status from the rolls.

If an inactive voter’s county voter registration office receives no response to a mailed notice within 30 days, that voter will be taken off the list.

Inactive voters who respond by updating their registration information will remain on the rolls.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said, “Georgia’s voter rolls are the cleanest in the nation. List maintenance efforts like this ensure the integrity of our elections.”

State and federal law require periodic updating of voter registration records to account for lawful voters who have died or moved to a different address. So far this year, 75,676 voters have been taken off the voter list because of an out-of-state move.

Voters placed in inactive status for two general elections who have failed to update their records can be removed from the voter list.

To check your current voter registration status, log into your My Voter Page at and check your personal information. Under “Status,” you should see a green circle with a checkmark next to the word “Active.” If you need help, call the Clayton County Elections and Registration Office at (770) 477-3372.

Georgians can check their voter registration status by using My Voter Page at and submitting any changes to their registration information. They also can register to vote by mail, online or at a state Department of Driver Services office.

Ed. note: Voters who fail to turn out for two general elections and who have not updated their information are dropped from the voting rolls.

According to the state Elections Division 2023 Comprehensive Calendar, Monday, August 21 is the earliest day to apply for an absentee ballot for the Tuesday, November 7 election.

Tuesday, October 10 is the last day to file an address change or to register to vote before the Tuesday, November 7 election.

Start by checking your current voter registration status on the state’s My Voter Page at

If you have questions about your voter registration, contact the Clayton County Elections and Registration Office at (770) 477-3372 or .

To learn more about ongoing legal efforts to fight voter purges in Georgia, see Common Cause v. Raffensperger, which has been consolidated with Georgia State Conference of the NAACP v. Georgia.

Dave Williams is Capitol Beat bureau chief.

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