An Open Records Request for bodycam and dashcam video, 911 calls, and police and fire reports from the July 2 shooting of Forest Park City Councilman Dabouze Antoine has revealed more details about the incident. First responders on the scene indicated that Antoine also allegedly was pistol-whipped. The suspects remain at large as of press time July 10.

The Clayton Crescent received multiple videos of the scene from Forest Park Police. We have gone through about half of these as of press time Monday and will publish selected portions. Check back for updates to this story.

Officers on scene said they allegedly found personal use quantities of marijuana in Antoine’s home. Antoine told police he had had let in a woman he knew but did not name, that there had been money on a table, that had given “them” $100, and that the woman came back with two men. Police allege that Antoine said the woman shot him. Neither police nor Antoine stated on the videos we have reviewed what the $100 was for, who the woman was, or what she was doing at Antoine’s house.

FPPD requested that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation take over the case. GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles said Friday that the GBI had no updates on the case and would advise us of any new information.

Below is a summary of information about the case as it unfolded minutes after Antoine was attacked.

Antoine calls 911, breathing heavily and clearly in distress, to report that he had been shot. He tells the operator that a woman and two men had entered his house, tried to rob him, then taken off in a car. “Please hurry,” he says.

In a second 911 call, a neighbor says Antoine had called and said he had been shot. The neighbor tells the operator was afraid to go outside in case the suspects were still there. The neighbor also reports having seen two men flee the scene. When the operator asks for a description, the neighbor says, “They were just shadows.”

An officer who arrived on the scene runs up to Antoine’s house, where other officers sit him on the front porch. As he prepares a tourniquet for Antoine’s bleeding arm, he asks, “What happened, man?”

Antoine replies, “These guys came, with a girl, they, oh, I know the girl. The girl—”

“Where’d you get shot? In your arm?”


“OK, let me put this on,” the officer said. “Hold on. Take that [towel] off. All the way to the top.” Another officer slides the tourniquet up to Antoine’s shoulder area.

“Thank you,” Antoine whispers.

An officer tells 911 that EMS is clear to enter the area.

“I gave ’em a hundred dollars,” Antoine says, “and I had some more money, on top of the table, and she comes back, and I saw two guys—”

“Who’s this girl, man?” another officer asks.

Antoine replies, “This girl that [unintelligible].” As the officer walks away, a plane roars overhead. He then directs other officers to move FPPD patrol cars out of the way and to put up crime scene tape as the ambulance can be heard approaching.

“Whose house is it?”


“Is it him?”

“Yeah, he got shot.”

A Forest Park Police officer stands outside the home of Ward 2 Councilman Dabouze Antoine as other officers render first aid for a gunshot wound to Antoine’s right arm. Antoine told officers he had given $100 to a woman who came back with two men, and that someone in the group had shot him. Antoine said he had had other money on his table at the time. Officers on bodycamera footage said they had found personal use quantity drugs in Antoine’s home. (Image from FPPD bodycam)

Another officer pointed out a security camera on the house: “He said he got shot in the front yard, so.”

“Is it on?” the officer asks.

“Yeah, it looks on.”

“OK, go to other houses and see if they got any witnesses.”

Officers search the front yard for shell casings. FPFES paramedics bring a gurney to the porch and load Antoine onto it, then asked who had applied the tourniquet.

“Was it actively squirting blood or anything?” one paramedic asks.

“No,” the officer replies.


“I don’t think so,” the officer says.

Forest Park Fire and Emergency Services paramedics render aid to Ward 3 Councilman Dabouze Antoine as Forest Park Police confer about Antoine’s shooting. Antoine was shot in the arm after an encounter with a woman he said he knew and two men he said he did not know shot him at his home. (Image: FPPD bodycam video)
The scene outside Forest Park Ward 2 Councilman Dabouze Antoine’s home after he told police he had been shot in an incident involving a woman and two men. Forest Park Police said a blue Nissan Sentra may have been used in the crime. Antoine told police he had given “them” $100, that he knew the woman, and that he did not know the men. Antoine said he had had more money on the table, and that the woman had left his house, then returned. According. topolice, Antoine said he had been shot outside the house. The GBI is investigating. (Image: FPPD bodycam video)

One officer’s body camera video showed three Forest Park officers investigating the crime scene inside Antoine’s house as another officer watched. “He said his phone was somewhere on the couch,” one said:

Later, an officer said they had found a phone in the bathroom.

Several Forest Park Police officers’ body camera videos recorded more information about the suspects. One was described as a Black woman, of medium build, with long gold or blonde braids, wearing a black cardigan sweater, a white shirt, and blue jeans. Other officers on scene said video showed a blue car, possibly a Nissan, pulled up at 9:16 p.m and the woman allegedly got out of it at 9:20 p.m. She and Antoine went inside and closed the door. The woman came out two minutes later. Officers briefly discuss looking for the car on Flock cameras. At 9:24 p.m., the woman went back into the house. She came back out at 9:25 p.m. and reentered the car at 9:26 p.m., where an officer said “there were people in the back seats.”

One officer told another who arrived on scene that Antoine wanted to speak with him. The second officer entered an ambulance where Antoine could be heard asking him to get his phone. The officer replied that he was not able to enter the house without a search warrant. Antoine said he was worried because all his contacts were in the phone. The officer assured him the phone was safe.

Chief Brandon Criss called the officer and was told the house was clear. The officer asked another, “Hey, Stinchcomb, the marijuana you saw, was it personal use, or—?” Another officer replies, “It was like personal,” which the first officer relayed to Criss. The officer said police had “pulled video from across the street, I got two guys—apparently it looks like a blue Nissan pulled up, a Black female gets out the vehicle, goes to the door, the councilmember allows her inside the house, inside the house for a few minutes, then she runs back to her car, she’s in her car for a minute, then she runs back inside the house, and was running back to her car. So she’s running back and forth from the house to her car, and then she finally drives off.” The officer says he’s getting all the times from the video to send Criss.

“Okay, Chief says don’t try to do anything else, GBI is enroute,” the officer says. “So y’all just keep doing, keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause you’re gonna do a report. We’re not doing anything, GBI’s got it.”

Another officer says a man got out of the car’s passenger seat at 9:28 p.m., the driver got back out at 9:29 p.m., with a total of three people who had exited the car, and went to the frnt door. They enter at 9:30 p.m., and you can hear Antoine and others yelling. Officers say the video shows a fight ensued outside.

Then, a gunshot can be heard as the officers play back the security video. Officers said Antoine ran back into the house, followed by the others.

Another video shows an officer asking neighbors whether they saw anything. As paramedics wheel Antoine off on a gurney, another officer can be heard saying, “He not givin’ no information. Other than he got shot. I said, ‘Where?’ He just said, ‘Right here.’ So he’s not giving no—”

“No name or nothing?”

“He got pistol-whipped. He’s not giving information about nothing.”

Later, the same officer says, “I literally asked him, ‘Where you got shot?’ ‘Right here.’ He literally said, ‘Right here,'” as she gestures to the front porch. “He literally won’t give no, ‘who was that?,’ nothing. He won’t give nothing. You know how that go.”

Another officer says Antoine got shot inside the house, pointing out the blood. The officers then advise that they are entering Antoine’s house for a security sweep and ask 911 to hold all radio traffic.

“Forest Park Police, make yourself known. Forest Park Police, make yourself known,” one calls out as they clear the house.

“Y’all check the doors and stuff? Ain’t nobody in here. Let’s get out of here.” The officer advises 911 that the house is clear and radio traffic can resume.

“All right, what can we be doing?” the officer asks. “Is that a camera right there? Is that a camera? Knock on that door and see if anybody’s home.” Officers fan out to neighboring houses.

Another officer asks about ID.

“Nah, I just ran his tag and they put the information in the call,” the first officer says.

“He’s not talking to us, period,” one says.

Another officer speaks softly, smiling.

“I’m not, I’m not—” an officer waves as he walks past the first officer’s bodycam. “This will be looked at.”

Other officers discuss where the shooting may have taken place.

“The initial is all right here in the front,” one says, pointing to the front porch.

“But this is where you sighted him,” another replies. “He probably got shot in there and then came out and sat down here”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s what I think,” a third officer says. “That’s what I think. What’s the notes in the call?”

“Female shot him and they drove off.”

“A female? And what kind of car?”

“And he don’t know, and he don’t know where they went,” another officer says. “And he don’t wanna give nothing.”

An officer says one witness had been on the phone with Antoine at the time of the shooting. “She was talking to him, he answered the door and spoke to some people as if he knew them, she didn’t know who she was speaking to, and then all of a sudden, she heard a commotion over the phone. She came outside, and then she saw multiple people running towards the street. And then she doesn’t have a description, she doesn’t have anything, she just says she doesn’t want to get involved in this.”

“That’s not no information,” another officer says.

“That’s more information than we got,” another replies.

“The same information that we had in the call?” she says. “There were people here, they ran off, and we don’t know who they are or what direction they went?”

“He’s got a camera right there.”

“The cameras don’t work.”

“The councilmember don’t know who it is,” another officer interjects. “That’s what he said?”

The first officer reiterates that the witess allegedly said, “It sounded like he knew who he was talking to.”

A supervisor walks up. “I’m sure y’all are aware, but we have some very high profile on the way. I’m sure y’all already know but some very important people are fixing to come. We’ve got some very important people on the way.”

He starts reassigning officers to stay at the scene or return to patrol.

“We ain’t got nothing,” one says.

“No, we just gonna hold up until CID [Criminal Investigations Division] gets here,” the supervisor replies. “That’s it.”

Another officer walks up. “It doesn’t look like anything happened outside the house.”

“Yall seen a phone in there?” a paramedic calls from down the street. “He [Antoine] wants his phone.”

“We didn’t see one in there,” an officer calls back.

The supervisor apparently says FPPD can’t return the phone, but what he says is unclear on the recording.

“That’s what I’m saying,” the paramedic replies. “I brought it to be asked, I asked y’all, now I’m fixin’ to go tell him.”

“That’s alright,” the officer replies, “Tell him, ‘Police say no, can’t do nothing until CID does their investigation… I mean, I understand he’s a councilman, as far as an active investigation, so we can’t do anything else.”

The paramedic tells a FPFES supervisor, “Lower arm, no other place,” apparently referring to the gunshot wound. The supervisor speaks but the audio is not clear. The paramedic indicated his right temple and said, “I don’t know, he might have. I didn’t see.”

Throughout the investigation, officers search for working security cameras.

“Is that a Ring camera?” one officer asks.

“It don’t work,” another replies. “She says she just got it for the doorbell.”

In another video, Antoine can be seen groaning in pain and lifting his right arm, which had something wrapped around it.

“Any of the cameras work?” a female officer asks paramedics.

“No,” one replies.

Another officer later says he found video of the blue car allegedly used in the crime.

“He [Antoine] said he was here with a female, and then two guys came up, and that was all he was able to tell me,” the officer says.

Another officer said Antoine would be transported to Grady and that “some very important people [are] fixing to come” and reassigned some officers back to patrol.

Antoine, along with Ward 4 Councilwoman Latresa Akins-Wells, settled with the City of Forest Park after FPPD, under a previous police chief, allegedly surveilled them for several years, including posting hidden cameras near their homes and going through their trash. Antoine and Wells alleged they had been racially profiled; FPPD had alleged they were conducting legitimate surveillance. The case and related investigation upended the police department, with many longtime command staff either being fired, retiring, or transferring to other agencies. The department, which had been composed mostly of white officers, is now mostly Black.

The GBI is handling this case, at the request of FPPD, and asks anyone with information to leave an anonymous tip by calling 1-800-597-TIPS(8477), filling out an online form at, or downloading the See Something, Send Something mobile app.

Robin Kemp is executive editor and CEO of The Clayton Crescent, which she founded in 2020. She has worked for Gambit, CNN, The Weather Channel, Clayton News, Henry Herald, and numerous freelance outlets....

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