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The Clayton County Water Authority says people and businesses in Riverdale along SR 85 between Roberts Drive and Springdale Drive must boil their water due to a sewer leak and fire hydrant blowout.

Here is CCWA’s statement:

Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) officials are issuing a localized boil water advisory for a portion of businesses in Riverdale along State Hwy. 85 between Roberts Drive and Springdale Drive. While CCWA was performing a repair on a broken fire hydrant, crews discovered a sewer leak. While making the repair, the hydrant blew out. Even though the water line has kept positive pressure at 30 PSI, officials are issuing a localized boil water advisory as a precaution since the fire hydrant repair and broken sewer line are in the same location.

The following businesses on west side Hwy. 85 are affected and have been notified:

  • 6761 Hwy 85 – Hotlanta Wings
  • 6777 Hwy 85 – Foot Locker
  • 6791 Hwy 85 – Del Taco
  • 6805 Hwy 85 – Atlanta Check Cashers
  • 6817 Hwy 85 – Wendy’s
  • 6831 Hwy 85 – Lucky Bubble Coin Laundry
  • 6843 Hwy 85
  • 6857 Hwy 85 
  • 6865 Hwy 85 – Taco Bell

“This is a precaution as we work to complete the repairs and testing to confirm that water is safe to consume,” says CEO H. Bernard Franks. “This is limited to the area of businesses on the west side of Hwy. 85. Customers in other areas of the county are not affected and do not need to boil their water.”

CCWA’s Distribution and Conveyance crews are on site making the emergency repairs as quickly and safely as possible. Once the repair is complete, they will flush and disinfect the pipe. Water samples will then be tested to determine the tap water is safe to drink. This takes up to 24 hours. Officials estimate the boil water advisory will end by late Wednesday, June 28. 

CCWA has notified Georgia Environmental Protection Agency of the issue and the boil water advisory. Customers are being notified via the media, Facebook (@ClaytonCountyWater) and its website (

Restaurants and other food establishments must take the following precautions:

  • If your facility has no running water and/or toilets that will not flush, you MUST CLOSE business operations immediately. If your facility has running water but you are located in one of the affected zip codes, you MUST FOLLOW these precautions:
  • All water provided to customers for drinking must be commercially bottled or boiled water.
  • All foods that must be washed, rinsed or soaked must be done with commercially bottled or boiled water. If you use boiled water, allow it to cool before use.
  • All water used as an ingredient in food products must be commercially bottled water or water that has been boiled rapidly for 1-3 minutes. Be sure to let water cool before use.
  • When preparing food which will be boiled in water, you may do so as long as the water is brought to a rapid, rolling boil for at least 1-3 minutes. Be sure to let water cool before use.
  • Beverage (soda and iced tea) machines used to dispense cold beverages MUST NOT be used. The lines connected directly to the tap water for mixing must be disconnected.
  • Coffee brewers and hot tea towers may operate if water temperatures are maintained between 195°F to 250°F.
  • All ice must be made with commercially bottled water or must originate from a commercial ice supply distributor. Discard all ice from automatic ice machines.
  • Do not use tap water for hand washing. Use a commercial hand sanitizer, bottled water or water that has been boiled 1-3 minutes. Be sure boiled water is cooled before use.
  • All equipment and utensils must be washed and sanitized with bottled or boiled water, or sanitized in dishwashing machines that have a dry cycle or a final rinse that exceeds 113°F for 20 minutes or 122°F for 5 minutes or 162°F for 1 minute.
  • Officials will provide an update when repairs are complete.

Robin Kemp is executive editor and CEO of The Clayton Crescent, which she founded in 2020. She has worked for Gambit, CNN, The Weather Channel, Clayton News, Henry Herald, and numerous freelance outlets....

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