Ed. Note: An earlier version of this story used data that was incorrectly labeled as being from the April 18, 2023 special election runoff. We have updated the data and our story to reflect the correct information and apologize for the error.

Want to know how many people in your city or precinct voted in the sheriff’s runoff? Use our handy table.

You can search by city name to see how all the precincts did in a given town, or you can search your precinct by typing out its name and the number.

You also can click on each column header to sort it.

The precinct with the highest voter turnout in the race, which includes advance, absentee, and in-person voting, was Jonesboro 14, where 579 of 3,936 registered voters (14.71%) cast ballots.

The precinct with the lowest voter turnout was Oak 5 where 50 out of 1,401 registered voters—that’s 3.57% of registered voters in that precinct—took part in the runoff election.

Jonesboro 6 had the highest-percentage turnout at 19.51%. 482 of that precinct’s 2,470 registered voters cast ballots in the runoff.

Riverdale 10 had the lowest-percentage turnout at 2.59%. That reflects 69 out of 2,669 registered voters in that precinct who actually took part in the runoff.

Countywide, overall turnout was 15,175 out of 182,085 registered voters, or 8.33%.

We’re updating to make the table searchable by abbreviations—for example, “FP4” instead of “Forest Park 4.”

Here is a map of all 70 of Clayton County’s county voter precincts. Zoom in to see the precincts, which are separated by purple boundary lines and marked with the precinct abbreviation (for example, “JB10”).

Use the plus and minus signs on the black frame to zoom in and out of the map. You can move the map by scrolling on it up and down or side to side. You also can download or print it out.

This map is a large file and takes a moment to load. You can pop it out as a separate page on your mobile device but it’s best viewed on a larger screen.

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