63 positions empty at jail

Looking for a job? The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office has plenty.

A reliable source provided The Clayton Crescent with a list of current openings at CCSO. At least 63 of the 100 openings are at the jail. The chief deputy sheriff’s position is vacant due to Brandon Criss’ likely appointment tonight as Forest Park police chief. One of the nine security specialist positions follows a massive RICO indictment at the jail, including named defendant Sergion Williams:

Sheriff’s ClassificationsVacancies
Sheriff Correctional Officer51
Deputy Sheriff II15
Deputy Sheriff III11
Security Specialist9
Sheriff Correctional Sergeant3
Sheriff Lieutenant2
Sheriff Services Clerk FT2
Sheriff Public Information Officer1
Chief Deputy Sheriff1
Deputy Sheriff I1

The vacancies persist, despite Interim Sheriff Levon Allen’s spending tens of thousands on billboards and movie-preview ads (featuring himself, at taxpayer expense, during an election) within Clayton County in the past few months. Allen has yet to reveal how much he spent on adding his name and, in some cases, his likeness to CCSO vehicles. He also has offered, via Nixle, to provide unspecified types of electric vehicles to new recruits as an incentive but has not stated what company would provide those cars.

Last week, a Clayton County grand jury returned a true bill indictment after investigators with the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office uncovered an alleged 64-count RICO conspiracy inside the jail. The DA’s office charged dozens of pretrial detainees and alleged outside accomplices, as well as a security specialist at the jail, with extortion, kidnapping, and multiple severe beatings and stabbings, all in an effort to get money out of other detainees and their families.

Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley speaks to reporters in front of the Harold R. Banke Justice Center

Allen, who is running for sheriff, claimed in a Nixle post—without any evidence to back his assertion—that his office uncovered the alleged conspiracy and handed the case off to the DA’s office. District Attorney Tasha Mosley immediately called a press conference, telling reporters that investigators in her office, not the sheriff’s office, had discovered and built the case, which they then had successfully presented to the grand jury.

Clarence Cox, who faces Allen in the runoff Tuesday, April 18, said the indictment confirms numerous reports from detainees and their families that the jail is bring run by gangs and that CCSO does not have control of the facility. Cox has said one of his first acts in office will be to clean out the jail and restore it to normal functioning.

Both Cox and Chris Storey, who threw his support behind Cox after the primary, say the jail requires someone with more experience to run it correctly.

“It seems there is more crime inside the jail than on the streets,” Cox said.

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