The Riverdale City Council meets at 6 p.m. tonight, Monday, April 10, 2023 at City Hall, 7200 Church Street.

Topping the agenda is a discussion and vote on whether the city should issue revenue bonds to fund charter schools. The resolution number is 21-4-2023.

The council also will consider:

  • approval of the Historic Main Street Design Services request for proposal (RFP) and the Main Street Wooden Building Evaluation (Resolution 22-4-2023 )
  • approval of Town Center Design Services (Resolution No. 23-4- 2023)
  • declaring two Dodge Chargers as surplus (Resolution 25-4-2023)
  • approval of Ordinance 1-2023 Amending Chapter 70 Traffic and Vehicles, Article II Parking of Trucks, Buses and Trailers in Residential Areas, Section 70-31 (which has to do with definitions of vehicles)
  • approval of Ordinance 2-2023 to amend city health and sanitation code to allow property owners to park vehicles, RVs, boats or “trailer-type vehicles” off of driveways and parking lots.

Read the agenda:

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