The Lake City City Council meets tonight, Monday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 5455 Jonesboro Road.

Of special interest to homeowners is the discussion of the single-family dwelling ordinance. City Manager Chris Leighty said, “We are having a lot of issue with investors buying residential property and turning it into ‘a rooming house,’ for the lack of a better term.”

Morrow also has had issues with businesses like PadSplit, which come in and subdivide single-family homes into several small apartments. Morrow officials have said the changes lack proper permitting and have created fire hazards. Just before Christmas, many PadSplit residents in Morrow were forced out of their tiny apartments as a result.

The council also will have an update on Fire Station 15, as well as paving and other upcoming projects throughout the city.

Leighty said he had no update on the Roman United project: “That is all Invest Clayton.”

GIRMA is the city’s insurance, which Leighty said covers “all city property, including coverage for elected officials and all employee liability issues.”

Here’s a copy of tonight’s agenda:

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