4th staffer, also Lovejoy High employee, arrested; 3 victims ID’d, more expected to come forward

If you have information about sexual abuse at Rainbow House, call Clayton County Police at (770) 603-5266.

Warrants obtained by The Clayton Crescent allege that a male employee of Rainbow House, a shelter for children who have been sexually abused, had sex with a 15-year-old teenage human trafficking survivor, and that two other staffers—one of whom is the man’s mother—took part in covering up the abuse. When the child was transferred on false allegations, the man then allegedly began grooming a 13-year-old at the facility. Police say a third child victim has since been identified.

Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts told The Clayton Crescent, “If it is not shut down yet, it will be soon. It is my understanding that the kids are being transferred to other locations.” He added, “There are multiple Rainbow House locations throughout the state. They are nonprofits.”

According to its GuideStar profile, the 22-bed facility is licensed by the state and works with Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to provide “comprehensive case management by experienced staff and wraparound and referral services for each youth during a typical shelter stay of 30-45 days. Initially, the immediate safety of youth served is addressed by removing them from an abusive environment. A priority is to make every attempt to keep siblings unified. Medical, emotional, and educational needs are addressed, and care is provided. Case managers provide structure and guidance by enrolling children in school, encouraging participation in extracurricular activities and education supports.”

Clayton County Police held a press conference about the investigation Friday afternoon and say more victims may come forward:

Chief Kevin Roberts said, “It’s tragic that we are meeting this afternoon in reference to an incident involving juveniles being victimized by individuals entrusted with their care and safety….On March 14, one of our captains was provided with an anonymous tip about sexual misconduct occurring at the Rainbow House in Jonesboro, after the whistleblower realized their reports had not been investigated. The Clayton County Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, which stands behind me, immediately initiated an investigation that resulted in four arrests. All of our victims are juveniles. Therefore, we will not be able to release names and locations of our victims. We would like to ask the media to please be respectful in protecting the identity and location of our victims, as there may be more that are willing to come forward.”

“It was like watching a Netflix series unfold right before our eyes.”

SGT. Michelle Alston, CCPD

The primary detective in the case, Sgt. Michelle Alston, said the anonymous tip to CCPD’s Human Trafficking Unit commander came in on March 15. The investigation found Randolph allegedly “had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with at least one child who had been placed at the facility,” and that Kimber and Jones allegedly “both had direct knowledge of the misconduct and failed to report misconduct to law enforcement officials. Both Kimber and Monica Jones failed to take corrective action and instead engaged in a coverup scheme, which resulted in the juvenile being removed from the facility, based on false allegations. Caleb Randolph was initially fired [in January 2023 for ‘violating Rainbow House policy”] and rehired a short time later, one and a half weeks later, and since has been actively employed with Rainbow House, Inc., where he had been allowed to interact with juveniles at the facility, until he was arrested by the Clayton County Police Department during the early morning hours of Thursday, March 16, 2023. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests may be forthcoming as detectives continue to investigate this misconduct of the Rainbow House, Inc. Jonesboro location.

“As the investigation continues, Lt. Marbury and I continue to unveil more disturbing behavior by adults that were supposed to protect the juveniles. We found that their behavior was criminal, greedy, unprofessional, negligent, and not in the best interests of the juveniles. It was like watching a Netflix series unfold right before our eyes,” Alston said. When this investigation initially started, one victim was identified. Two more victims have been identified, with more potential victims coming forward.

“We have conducted more interviews during the last ten days,” Alston continued. “One of the interviews was that of Felecia Campbell. Felecia Campbell is a 35-year-old manager of the Rainbow House Inc. in Jonesboro, and an employee of the Clayton County School System. During Ms. Campbell’s interview, she advised she didn’t have knowledge of sexual misconduct. The investigation revealed Ms. Campbell had files containing incident reports made by both staff members and juveniles. The files were kept in Ms. Campbell’s office, and with her signature on all of them.”

Clayton County Court records show Campbell made first appearance at 10 a.m. Friday morning. Online jail records show she was granted an $8,000 property bond and $700 in fees on a single charge of failure to report child abuse.

“It’s very important for people in the community to come forward….although some people did come forward, they did not come forward directly to the police department….we cannot control what other agencies did or did not do.”

SGT. michelle alston, CCPD

Alston said the case goes back to at least August 2022.

“I would feel that the employees who were involved in this situation were unsafe to be around children,” Alston said, “not necessarily that the facility itself was not safe.”

According to the warrants, a Rainbow House employee had tipped off Clayton County police to the alleged abuse and coverup. When the tipster reported the inappropriate relationship, her complaint went nowhere at first. Then she called CCPD.

The investigating officer was familiar with the human trafficking case involving the teenager, which was ongoing at the time of the report: “The complainant stated that false information was given by Rainbow House staff which stated that they wanted [the minor] removed from the facility after finding that her trafficker had located her, made physical contact, given her gifts such as lingerie and clothing, and forced her to take a cellular device for the purpose of communicating with him.” Based on that information, the officer had removed the child on February 8 to a facility in another county, believing the shelter had been compromised and that the other children in the facility would become targets of the trafficker.

The employee who called police had been working at the facility for about a year and allegedly told police she “has noticed some unusual behaviors and actions on the part of a male employee (suspect/adult son of the director) [Caleb Randolph] that included passing notes with [the minor],” as well as “receiving special treatment, gifts, and trips alone outside of the facility with suspects Monica Jones (Program Director of the Child Advocacy Center) and the Executive Director of the Rainbow House Inc. (Mia Kimber).”

According to the warrants, the reporting employee “stated that after [the minor] was removed from the Rainbow House she recovered love letters in the Rainbow House Director’s [Kimber’s] office and that these letters had been written and exchanged between [the minor] and [Randolph].”

The reporting employee also stated that Kimber allegedly knew of the “inappropriate sexual conduct” between the minor and Randolph, and that Jones allegedly helped Kimber cover it up. She also told police that Randolph “also purchased [the minor] a cellular device that they would use to communicate on while [the minor] was living at the Rainbow House facility,” and that staff knew Randolph allegedly “was living at the facility without permission, and is believed to have had sexual relations with [the minor] within the facility.”

In addition, the reporting employee alleged that Kimber “has been giving large amounts of raises to certain employees (to include Monica Jones), without explanation or job change in return for covering up the previous criminal incidents that may have occurred,” and that “there are employees currently on the payroll that have been on payroll since September 2022 and have never been physically present or worked in the facility [who are] receiving biweekly wages.”

According to the warrants, Randolph allegedly told investigators he “admitted to having sex (penis inserted in vaginal cavity) with [the minor] between October and December 2022…at a miniumu of two times per week and these acts took place within the facility while he was working in a caretaker position,” specifically as a direct care professional. In December 2022, Randolph allegedly told police “he ended what he considered to be a a relationship with the victim…because he felt she was becoming too attached.” He also allegedly admitted to giving the child a cell phone, a matching set of earrings and necklace, letting her wear his clothes, and writing her love letters.

After the 15-year-old was removed from Rainbow House, Randolph then, according to the reporting employee quoted in the warrants, allegedly targeted a 13-year-old girl in the facility. That child had drawn pictures of hearts with her and Randolph’s initials and put them on her wall in the facility.

According to police, Randolph “denied any other sexual contact with other juveniles who are currently housed at the Rainbow House Inc. shelter or any other prior juveniles that had been housed there.”

The warrants also allege Jones said she did not know about Randolph having sex with the minor, who was placed with Kimber. The child did tell investigators Randolph gave her a phone “but would not disclose or deny the sexual contact between the two which had already been confirmed by Randolph.” She did, however, “admitted that she decided to distance herself from Randolph because she feared it would affect her placement with Kimber, [the minor] confirmed that Kimber advised her to distance herself from her son to avoid creating an issue with her placement.”

Kimber allegedly told investigators she “was in the process of fostering the victim and that for those reasons she had taken the victim off site from the Rainbow House Inc. on multiple occasions to meet her family to include a trip to Florida.”

Roberts thanked CCPD’s Human Trafficking Unit, CID, Georgia Office of the Child Advocate, Children’s Advocacy Centers for Georgia, GBI Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, which is prosecuting the case.

Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley, who served on the shelter’s board last year, has recused herself from the case. The shelter’s website no longer contains information about the facility or board, only an animated landing page that says “Coming Soon.”

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If you have information about sexual abuse at Rainbow House, call Clayton County Police at (770) 603-5266.

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