The Clayton Crescent invited all five qualified candidates for sheriff in the March 21 special election to fill out a candidate survey. The purpose is to give each candidate the chance to answer specific questions about how they pledge to run the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and to record their stances on specific issues related to CCSO and the Clayton County Jail.

The survey was divided into two parts: a section of questions with yes or no answers, as well as a section where candidates could write short responses to more detailed questions. Candidates were told that overly long responses would be edited.

Four of the five candidates had responded to the survey as of press time. Two candidates did not provide answers to questions in Part Two.

Due to a medical emergency, this coverage was delayed. We apologize.

Here is Part Two, the short responses. N/A means the person had not not replied as of press time.

The Clayton Crescent does not endorse candidates for public office.


What will you do to clear backlogs for service of civil papers, warrants, evictions, etc.?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“We will immediately begin serving the civil process that are backlogged and the warrants with the most egregious offenses. We will prioritize the outstanding warrants for service and, once we are adequately staffed in the detention center with all safety and security related issues resolved, we will begin our service of those lesser offense warrants.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“I will prioritize all felony warrants first, moving misdemeanor warrants second. Civil papers and eviction will be last.”
Chris Storey“I will reorganize the Field Division for maximum effectiveness. I will increase the number of deputies in the civil section to serve these time-sensitive documents. Many have court dates or certain response dates for the person being served. There are many Writs of Possession issued by judges for evictions that go unfulfilled. This will change with the increase of personnel in the section. I will aggressively pursue wanted persons to apprehend them before they reoffend. I will reinstitute warrant teams to execute warrants daily.”

What will you do to fix the kiosks and phones in the jail?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“We will introduce new technology that will alleviate the communications issues in the pods of the detention facility that will allow the inmates to send emails to my staff, as well as to family members. This system also includes the ability to make telephone calls, as well. The sheriff’s office will also go back to having a staff member answering the phone and directing the calls to the appropriate staff member to provide better customer service.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“One of my priorities is to upgrade the kiosks and phone system. If this requires a bidding process, I will accept three bids and will accept the bid that best suits the needs of the jail and detainees.”
Chris Storey“I will ensure that kiosk and phone providers fulfill the obligations for ensuring their respective equipment is serviced and operational. If any company is incapable of providing this service, I will look for other vendors during the bidding process. I will strengthen the security of the jail to ensure that inmates are not destroying the kiosks and phones.”

What are your thoughts about how corrections offices should treat pretrial detainees awaiting trial on charges?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“All detainees are to treated equal and fair, without violating the constitutional rights of anyone. Detention officers, as well as deputy sheriffs, will be required to wear body-worn cameras while engaging with the public and/or the detainees. We will submit our Use Of Force data to the Department of Justice. This is a voluntary submission and collected for review.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“All detainees will be held with respect and dignity.”
Chris Storey“The sheriff is responsible for all the citizens of his county, to include the citizens in jail. I believe that every officer should treat a detainee the way they would want their mother or loved ones treated if they were in jail. We can do our job apprehending and detaining without dehumanizing or violating the rights of those we come into contact with. I expect my officers to be firm, fair, consistent, and professional when with detainees. There will be zero tolerance for any officer mistreating detainees in my administration.”

Will you revise the existing CCSO policy manual to bring it in line with similar agencies?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“We will review all policies and procedures to assure that we are operating under the Best Practices and in line with 21st Century Policing practices. We will work to get our agency accreditation to meet the standards of CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) and the ACA (American Correctional Association). These certifications are necessary to assure that we are in compliance with the recommended standards and we will be audited in these areas on an annual basis by outside assessors.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“All policies will be viewed. Any outdated policy will be removed and will be updated will the 21st Century Policing policies and procedures.”
Chris Storey“I will review current policies and procedures and revise as needed. A priority of my administration is to obtain accreditation for the sheriff’s office from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), the gold standard for law enforcement professionalism.”

How will you address sexual harassment in the ranks?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“We will aggressively enforce any harassment issues and provide training upon hire during the onboarding process and throughout the employment tenure.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne FabianSexual harassment policy with signed off that they have read it. Sexual harassment can be reported to any supervisor immediately. Anyone found in violation of this policy after its investigation will be terminated.”
Chris StoreySexual harassment will not be tolerated. I will make it a requirement that anytime an allegation of sexual harassment is made, it comes directly to me. I will NOT tolerate any form of reprisal against those reporting sexual harassment. I will have an open-door policy so employees can report cases of sexual harassment directly to me if they choose to. All claims of sexual harassment will be investigated by the newly formed Office of Professional Standards. The sheriff’s office will separate from anyone found guilty of sexual harassment.”

What specific actions will you take against gang members extorting other pretrial detainees through CashApp, commissary accounts, or other methods?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“We will immediately change the processes currently in place to assure that we have no ability for the intimidation of any inmates.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“Each gang member will be separated and held in separate areas of the jail. They will be closely monitored at all times. The cardholder will be the only person that will be able to utilize their card. That card will match that detainee’s name from intake or Social Security number.”
Chris Storey“I will on day one of my administration take control of the jail. The only reason gangs can extort other inmates’ families is because the sheriff’s office is not in control of the jail; therefore, can’t provide a safe environment. First, I will remove the cell phones they use to perpetrate the extortion. I will remove the shanks and weapons they have made or had smuggled into the jail. I will make it a requirement that only family members can put money on the commissary accounts of inmates with sensible limits on deposits.”

What methods would you use to recruit deputies and corrections officers and how much should CCSO budget for that purpose?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“I will continue participating in the professional law enforcement organizations that I am currently a member of and advertise with those organizations and job fairs. We will continue to recruit people who are already members of our community and train our own.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“Have job fairs at schools, and colleges, and travel out of state. I will offer a sign-on bonus in the amount of $5,000 with stipulation.”
Chris Storey“I will rebuild the morale of all the Sheriff’s Office employees. I will remove nepotism and cronyism because it kills morale. Employees currently see people move up the ranks because of who they know or have an intimate relationship with, and not for their experience, knowledge, and professionalism. I will create a healthy non-toxic environment where talented people want to work from recruitment to retirement. I will not have a budget set aside for recruiting. I believe a happy employee is the greatest recruitment tool because they will encourage people to apply, and that costs nothing.”

What do you believe the role of the Sheriff’s Department is in law enforcement and how would you direct deputies and COs to fulfill that role?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“It is our job to maintain custody of detainees and a safe environment for staff and detainees inside the detention facility. We are further charged with the execution of orders from the court (warrants, civil processes, etc.). Provide security for the courts, and the judiciary. Enforce state law and local ordinances. We have to perform the constitutional duties of the Sheriff’s Office and provide resources in a collaborative way to ensure that the people who live in or visit Clayton County will have a safe place to live, work and play. As the chief law enforcement official, we will coordinate the best practices throughout the county through effective communication, coordination, and cooperation with our fellow law enforcement partners.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne FabianThe role of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is the securement of the jail, the courthouse, and the service of warrants and civil papers. The role of the Sheriff’s Department is to answer all emergency and non-emergency calls. They also are responsible for serving warrants, civil papers, courthouse security, and security for the jail. All deputies and COs must attend a training course offered by a POST-mandated training center outlining their duties.”
Chris StoreyThe sheriff has three constitutional obligations, and they are chief law enforcer, chief court officer, and chief jailer. As sheriff, it is my mandate to fulfill my responsibilities. I will have my deputies protecting courts, executing warrants and civil processes daily. Deputies will address any criminal activity they observe while on duty. Corrections officers will receive the state-mandated training for jailers. All deputies and corrections officers will be held to a standard of providing professional, competent services to the citizens of Clayton County, as well as to the citizens in our jail.”

Describe the appropriate use of services like Nixle, Facebook, etc. for disseminating information about CCSO.

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“The information should provide a balanced distribution of meaningful and truthful information. These tools should not be used to campaign or only promote any one individual.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“Nixle keeps you up-to-date with relevant information for public safety. It will be disseminated by the Sheriff’s Office public information officer.”
Chris Storey“Information being disseminated through any social media platform should be for the benefit of the citizens, such as public safety announcements of our activities. These announcements should include citizens’ avoidances due to accidents, inclement weather, sheltering in place, missing persons, road closures, and wanted criminals.”

If you have served with CCSO, please describe your experience and any issues you feel need to be addressed in the department.

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“The department has lost its credibility among the citizens, its employees, and other agencies. We need to get to a professional organization, both in our appearance as well as our customer service. We have to display greatness each and every day while building trust and legitimacy in the community.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“I have not served with CCSO.”
Chris Storey“I started with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 and earned every rank from corrections officer to sworn major, becoming the first African-American to do so. During my tenure, I worked and supervised in every aspect of the Sheriff’s Office. I have amassed thousands of hours of training, to include Supervision Levels 1-3, Management Levels 1-3, Field Training Management, SWAT Commanders School, and Executive Training for Commanders. I will make the jail a safe working environment for the officers and inmates alike. I will not have unnecessary lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office for violating someone’s civil rights or for failing to fulfill my obligations as a duly-elected sheriff as outlined by the Georgia State Constitution.”

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about your background and/or how you plan to run CCSO?

Levon AllenLevon Allen did not respond to this question.
Clarence Cox“As a longtime resident of this county, I come with the much-needed experience in all aspects of this job as your sheriff. I have a strong relationship with law enforcement leaders from across the country and this region. I created and led the Clayton County Schools Police. I have led multi-agency Drug Enforcement Task Forces. I am currently the Chief of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office. I am a past National President of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). I have a history of professional leadership and ethical principles and practices. I plan to make sure that we have a capable workforce that possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the task of assigned duties in the Sheriff’s Office. I will ensure through continued review that customer service is at the forefront of my administration and that everyone is treated fairly and equitably. I will introduce technology such as vehicle locators and body-worn cameras throughout our entire staff. I will hold quarterly town hall meetings with our community to address any concerns. The community will receive an annual report from my office that will be fully transparent to share the information about our operations, to include financial reports. I will serve with your help and walk with the spirit of GOD as your next sheriff.”
Terry EvansTerry Evans did not respond to this question.
Dwayne Fabian“As sheriff, I will implement a set of core values for the office. Compassion, Integrity, Transparency”
Chris Storey“I am the ‘NO BAGGAGE’ candidate! Clayton County deserves representation that will make us PROUD! * 33 year resident committed to citizens * 24 years of law enforcement experience serving with honor and integrity * A candidate who won’t be an embarrassment with scandals, lawsuits, and investigations. As your sheriff, I will work tirelessly to protect the families of Clayton County to make it a better place to work, live, and play.”

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