Inauguration of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Atlanta, GA, Jan. 12. 2023. (Photo: Robin Kemp/The Clayton Crescent)

Here’s a look at which committees are meeting at the Georgia Assembly this week.

You can watch these committee meetings via livestream and they are stored for you to watch later if you miss the meeting.

If you want to attend these meetings in person, here’s a map of the Capitol building (the “Gold Dome”):

And here’s a map of the Capitol Hill complex:

Keep in mind: all buildings have security checkpoints and require you to show a valid photo ID (like a Georgia driver’s license).

Meeting rooms in the Gold Dome are listed as CAP; those in the Coverdell Legislative Office Building are designated CLOB.

If you want to demonstrate on Capitol Hill, be aware that sticks, even on signs, are prohibited. You might need a permit if you are staging a large demonstration. See the Capitol and Grounds Exhibit and Event Guidelines:

Parking is extremely limited. You are strongly encouraged to take MARTA (get off at the Georgia State MARTA train station and walk through the state office building side to the street, then to the Gold Dome, about two blocks).

All schedules are subject to change but were correct as of press time. For last-minute updates, double-check before you go.

To see all current legislation for this session, including previous versions of individual bills, visit

To find your state representative and senators, check your My Voter Page at

Look up and contact your Georgia House representative and state senators.

Monday, Jan. 23

01/23/202310:00 AMFLOOR SESSION (LD 5) (House)House ChamberVIDEO
01/23/202310:00 AMFloor Session (LD 5) (Senate)Senate ChamberVIDEO
01/23/202312:00 PMCancelled- Rules Committee: Upon Adjournment (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/23/20231:00 PMEducation Appropriations Subcommittee (House)341 CAPVIDEOAgenda
01/23/20231:00 PMCancelled- Government Oversight Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO
01/23/20231:00 PMCancelled – Transportation Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEO
01/23/20231:00 PMCancelled- Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/23/20232:00 PMHealth Appropriations Subcommittee (House)506 CLOBVIDEOAgenda
01/23/20232:00 PMCancelled- Health & Human Services Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/23/20233:00 PMFinance Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEOAgenda
01/23/20234:00 PMCancelled-Judiciary Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO

Tuesday, Jan. 24

01/24/2023TBDRules Committee: Upon Adjournment (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/24/20238:00 AMCancelled- Public Safety Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEO
01/24/202310:00 AMFLOOR SESSION (LD 6) (House)House ChamberVIDEO
01/24/202310:00 AMFloor Session (LD 6) (Senate)Senate ChamberVIDEO
01/24/20231:00 PMCancelled- Children & Families Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO
01/24/20232:30 PMEducation & Youth Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/24/20234:00 PMRegulated Industries Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO

Wednesday, Jan. 25

01/25/2023TBDRules Committee: Upon Adjournment (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/25/20238:00 AMCancelled- Natural Resources & Environment Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEO
01/25/202310:00 AMFLOOR SESSION (LD7) (House)House ChamberVIDEO
01/25/202310:00 AMFloor Session (LD 7) (Senate)Senate ChamberVIDEO
01/25/20231:00 PMCancelled – Insurance & Labor Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEO
01/25/20231:00 PMHigher Education Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO
01/25/20232:00 PMAgriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/25/20233:00 PMJoint H&HS and C&F Committee Hearing (Senate)450 CAPVIDEOAgenda
01/25/20234:00 PMFinance Committee (Senate)Mezz 1 CAPVIDEO

Thursday, Jan. 26

01/26/2023TBDRules Committee: Upon Adjournment (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/26/20238:00 AMEthics Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO
01/26/202310:00 AMFLOOR SESSION (LD8) (House)House ChamberVIDEO
01/26/202310:00 AMFloor Session (LD 8) (Senate)Senate ChamberVIDEO
01/26/20231:00 PMChildren & Families Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO
01/26/20232:00 PMRegulated Industries Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/26/20233:00 PMPublic Safety Committee (Senate)450 CAPVIDEO
01/26/20234:00 PMJudiciary Committee (Senate)307 CLOBVIDEO

Read about the Capitol Building’s history and architecture

Check out the Georgia Capitol Museum (home of the two-headed calf)

Schedule an event in public space on the Capitol Grounds

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