Clayton County Police say some members of the public are interfering with the investigation into missing child R’Kayla Briggs, 11, and that federal law enforcement agencies are joining them in what they believe is a human trafficking case.

Briggs left her home voluntarily with an adult on Tuesday. Her social media account posts have been deleted and her phone has been unreachable ever since.

CCPD spokesperson Sgt. Julia Isaac said members of the public can help by calling 911 if they have information as to Briggs’ whereabouts.

“Please, please, allow law enforcement to investigate this case,” she told reporters at a Friday news conference at police headquarters. “Because we have had multiple parties that have interfered with this case.”

While the natural tendency for some well-meaning people is to form a posse or play cop, doing so can derail an investigation. It could even put the victim in greater danger.

Isaac said that, although those individuals may think they are helping, they are not.

“We believe R’Kayla Briggs is in danger,” Isaac said.

If you see R’Kayla Briggs or know anything about where she is, call 911 immediately.

Robin Kemp is executive editor and CEO of The Clayton Crescent, which she founded in 2020. She has worked for Gambit, CNN, The Weather Channel, Clayton News, Henry Herald, and numerous freelance outlets....

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