Clayton County Police are investigating the fatal shooting of Riverdale Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon’s nephew at the Pointe South Shopping Center Friday evening.

Cory Brooks, 31, would have turned 32 on Tuesday, Wynn-Dixon told The Clayton Crescent. He also was the father of two little girls, one born three months ago, and was about to get married, she said.

According to WSB’s Tom Jones, relatives on scene said that “Brooks and a friend pulled up to the Pointe South Shopping Center on Hwy. 85 in Jonesboro on Friday afternoon when another person reportedly walked up and began firing into the SUV. Brooks’ friend was not shot.”

We’ve asked Clayton County Police for more information about the incident and the possible suspect.

Riverdale Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon
Riverdale Mayor Dr. Evelyn Wynn-Dixon

Although she said she did not know whether the shooter was a teenager, Wynn-Dixon said, “All this violence started when [Gov. Brian] Kemp released no background checks. Some of these 13- and 14-year-olds are getting guns like crazy.”

She said parents need to train their children like people used to do.

“I wish I could just turn the clock back to the way it was when I was raised,” she said.

More to come.

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