The last day to request an absentee ballot is today if you want to vote in the November 8 election.

All you have to do is click this link to the Clayton County Elections and Registration Office’s copy of the absentee ballot application: , which we’ve also inserted below.

Fill it out, print it out, sign it, and return it to the Elections and Registration Office today:

  • in person at Elections and Registration at the Historic Courthouse, 121 S. McDonough Street, Jonesboro
  • by fax to (770) 477-4521
  • as an e-mail attachment to (be sure you print out and physically SIGN your request first)

It is ILLEGAL for people to go around your neighborhood., church, etc. picking up people’s applications for dropoff. Under state law:

“No person or entity other than the elector, a relative authorized to request an absentee ballot for such elector, a person signing as assisting an illiterate or physically disabled elector with his or her application, a common carrier charged with returning the ballot application, an absentee ballot clerk, a registrar, or a law enforcement officer in the course of an investigation shall handle or return an elector’s completed absentee ballot application.”

The Clayton Crescent has heard of one such alleged absentee ballot collection in a previous election. If someone you know other than the people listed above comes to you and offers to deliver your application for you, first call the Secretary of State’s Voter Fraud Hotline at (877) 725-9797, then call or text The Clayton Crescent at (404) 547-1171.

Early in-person voting continues with record turnout. The county elections office has opened more locations where you can cast your vote on the machines or, in some places, drop off your completed absentee ballot once you get it in the mail:

Ballot drop boxes are available inside three locations only during the hours the polls are open:

  • Elections and Registration Officer, 121 S. McDonough St., Jonesboro
  • South Clayton Recreation Center, 1837 McDonough Rd., Hampton
  • Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center, 3499 Rex Rd., Rex

Two new in-person voting locations (no dropboxes) are now open:

  • Forest Park Senior Center, 5087 Park Ave., Forest Park
  • Lake Spivey Recreation Center, 2300 Walt Stephens Rd., Jonesboro

Other in-person voting locations (no dropboxes) include:

  • Lee Headquarters Library, 865 Battle Creek Rd., Jonesboro
  • Virginia Burton Gray Recreation Center, 1475 E. Fayetteville Rd., Riverdale
  • Morrow Municipal Complex, 1500 Morrow Rd., Morrow

Starting this Saturday, October 29, two additional in-person voting locations (no dropboxes) will be open:

  • Flint River Community Center, 153 Flint River Rd., Riverdale
  • Sonna Singleton Gregory Senior Center, 3215 Anvil Block Rd., Ellenwood

Here is a copy of the Clayton County sample ballot. Check your specific districts on My Voter Page at to be sure which candidate will appear on your ballot:

We’ll have more in-depth coverage of the candidates and ballot issues this weekend.

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