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Negligent discharge, ricochet sends 2 to hospital, police say

Lovejoy Police say a man may face reckless conduct charges after a negligent discharge in the Walmart Supercenter at 11465 Tara Blvd. in Hampton wounded him and three other people.

According to police, two people have been hospitalized and two others were treated at the scene after the bullet ricocheted. No one sustained life-threatening injuries, police say. However, the suspect allegedly shot himself in the leg and was not carrying his firearm in a holster: “[T]he handling of this firearm was not done in a reasonable standard of care.”

A check of Clayton County inmates showed a 21-year-old Lithonia man was booked at 2:15 p.m. on one count of reckless conduct, as well as on one count of possession of firearm by felon and first offender probation, and one count of violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. We’re waiting for confirmation as to whether this person was the one arrested in the Walmart incident.

An Alien Gear holster with two clips. (Photo: Alien Gear)

Holsters as safety devices

Part of basic firearm safety for carrying revolvers and pistols is to use a holster that covers the trigger guard and that attaches securely to one’s person. When the trigger guard is covered, the chance of an accidental (defective) or negligent (mishandled) discharge is almost nonexistent.

Stuffing a pistol, revolver, or other firearm into your waistband, pocket, bag, or purse without a properly-secured holster puts you and the people around you at greater risk of an accidental or negligent discharge.

Your finger, clothing, or other items like pens, pencils, and makeup tubes can get into the trigger guard and set off the trigger. Your firearm also can fall out of your clothes or be snatched by someone else.

Walmart is one place where gun owners can buy inexpensive holsters under $20.

Learn more about different types of holsters at the U.S. Concealed Carry Association’s website.

For more information about the correct use of firearms and for help with selecting and using a holster, check with a licensed firearm dealer or certified firearms instructor.

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