The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it has arrested a Clayton County Jail detainee and charged him with killing his cellmate.

According to the GBI, Jarvin Cornelius Wallace, 22, of Atlanta, is charged with felony murder in the death of Jaylan Andrise Goodman, 26, of Jonesboro. Wallace was arraigned on one count of murder at 10 a.m. Friday before Magistrate Judge Keisha Wright Hill. He had been granted bond with special conditions in April on one count of entering an automobile.

Goodman was being held on one count of battery-family violence, according to online court records.

”On July 14, 2022, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office asked the GBI to investigate Goodman’s death,” GBI said in a press release. ”Preliminary information indicates that at 8:20 a.m., Goodman was found deceased in his cell as Clayton County jail staff were conducting scheduled rounds. The GBI Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an autopsy on Goodman.”

In a Facebook post, a CCSO social media manager attributed Goodman’s death to the fact that Sheriff Victor Hill remains on suspension.

“We can thank the Sheriff’s political enemies who have had him falsely accused of running an abusive jail for the unsafe violent condition that the jail is in today,” wrote Carl Johnson.

“Below is a video that officials from an Hispanic speaking country made to show their leaders just how safe and orderly Sheriff Hill had made the Clayton County jail to prove that order in a jail was in fact obtainable.”

The video excerpt did not indicate which “Hispanic speaking country” was the source of the video, nor did it indicate whether the video had been produced by a foreign government, a foreign production company, or was a Spanish-language dub of a U.S. production.

Hill has characterized the suspension, ordered by Governor Brian Kemp pending the outcome of federal charges related to alleged misuse of restraint chairs in the jail, as politically motivated. Hill’s attorneys have argued that the law under which Hill was suspended contains a time limit that already has passed. Hill is a defendant in nearly a dozen federal cases related to alleged conditions in the jail or alleged abuse of pretrial detainees.

The GBI encourages anyone with information about the case to call the GBI’s Atlanta Regional Office at (770) 388-5019. Anonymous tips can also be submitted by calling 1-800-597-TIPS (8477), online at, or by downloading the See Something, Send Something mobile app for Apple or Android.

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  1. Something needs to be done in this county!!! Why have a investigation if he was in a 2 man cell ( self explanatory) how often do they make their rounds Something is very wrong with this

  2. I’m glad to hear and read that the Clayton County Judicial System has stepped up to be recognized as one of, if not the best Detention Facilities in America ( if not the world) when it comes to dignity as well as integrity to inmates civil rights along with basic human rights acknowledgment including myself on a recent error mistake made when I attempted to exit the Home depot store to show my boss the various cleaning products to choose from for the scrubber machine at the Warehouse facility I work at which also happens to be in Morrow, GA in Clayton County. I was release after a few hours and was advised I will receive in the mail a future court date to answer charges on potential shoplifting. I by the way paid for one cleaning solution item and was trying to show my boss the others to choose from.

    1. It’s sad to see how quickly the jail is declining with the suspension of Victor Hill. An inmate just got murdered couple days ago. If Victor Hill was there this would have possible been news. Bring structure back it’s keeping inmates safe.