The Clayton County Board of Education will meet this evening, Monday, June 13 at the School Administration Complex boardroom, 1058 Fifth Avenue, Jonesboro.

At 5 p.m., the board will hold a special recognition for members of the Clayton County Legislative Delegation, followed by an executive session at 5:30 p.m and the meeting itself at 6 p.m.

On the agenda is a proposed governance agreement on “norms and protocols,” which includes items like:

  • Follow the Code of Ethics and disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Not micromanage the superintendent in the day-to-day operations of the district
  • Follow the chain of command and instruct and encourage others to do so when necessary
  • Never surprise the superintendent in a board meeting
  • Establish the superintendent’s annual performance goals jointly with the superintendent in alignment with the strategic plan and provide feedback to the superintendent at least bi-annually via formative and summative evaluation procedures
  • Board members wishing to visit schools will make arrangements with the superintendent at least 24 hours in advance and state their purpose for the visit, unless they are invited directly by the school administration or district
  • Issues and concerns received by the Board or individual members will be referred to the superintendent
  • The board will educate the public about the chain of command and instruct them to follow it when approached with requests about day-to-day and operational issues
  • When all nine board members receive emails from constituents, the board chair will reply to all, include the superintendent on the thread, and inform the constituent that the superintendent will respond to the inquiry/request. If the superintendent and board are all copied on a constituent’s email, then the superintendent will reply all in his/her response
  • The superintendent is the only employee that reports directly to the Board of Education

Interpretation services are available in Spanish and Vietnamese if requested before 3 p.m.

Para interpretación en español

Phiên dịch tiếng việt

If you want to make a public comment during the meeting, the board requires you to send an e-mail to the Board Coordinator at before 3 p.m. today. Include the topic you wish to speak on and your contact information.

If public comment slots remain open after 3 p.m., the public will be allowed to sign up for those slots 15 minutes before the meeting. No more than 10 speakers at three minutes each will be allowed to comment during the meeting, and the board does not allow public comment on “individual personnel issues or confidential student matters.”

You can watch the meeting live online via the Clayton County Public Schools website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Comcast/Xfinity Channel 24.

Robin Kemp is executive editor and CEO of The Clayton Crescent, which she founded in 2020. She has worked for Gambit, CNN, The Weather Channel, Clayton News, Henry Herald, and numerous freelance outlets....

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