Voters wait to cast ballots outside Morrow City Hall, Nov. 3, 2020. Photo: Robin Kemp/The Clayton Crescent

Today, Friday, May 20, is the last day to vote early in the general primary election.

Six early voting locations are open today from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Those include:

You can drop off paper absentee ballots in the secure ballot drop box inside each of these locations:

You won’t be able to vote after today until Election Day, which is Tuesday, May 24. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at your local precinct.

Visit to see races in your area. You can request a Democratic, Republican, or nonpartisan ballot regardless of your party affiliation.

Both the Democratic and Republican ballots contain ballot questions. These are issues that each party wants its members to vote on as issues the party will promote this election season.

Nonpartisan ballots only have judges’ races on them. All but one judge’s race is uncontested.


Clayton County


In Clayton County Commission District 1, the contest is a rematch between incumbent Alieka Anderson and challenger Alaina Reaves.


In Clayton County Commission District 4, incumbent DeMont Davis faces two challengers, Meia Ballinger and Janice Scott.

School Board 1

Democratic incumbent Jasmine Bowles faces Democratic challenger Monica Hooker.

School Board 4

Democratic incumbent Victoria Williams runs unopposed.

School Board 8

Democratic incumbent Joy Tellis Cooper runs unopposed.

School Board 9

Democratic incumbent Benjamin A. Straker Sr. runs unopposed.

Clayton County State Court

Incumbent Judge Tammi Long Hayward runs unopposed.

Clayton County State Court

Incumbent Judge Michael Tyrone Garrett runs unopposed.

Clayton County State Court

Incumbent Judge Margaret L. Spencer runs unopposed.

Clayton County Superior Court

Incumbent Judge Geronda V. Carter runs unopposed.

Clayton County Superior Court

Incumbent Judge Aaron B. Mason runs unopposed.



Incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp (no relation to The Clayton Crescent’s Robin Kemp) faces Republican challengers Catherine Davis, David A. Perdue, Kandiss Taylor, and Tom Williams, and a rematch with Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams.

Lt. Governor

With no incumbent in the race, the Republican candidates are Burt Jones, Mack McGregor, Butch Miller, and Jeanne Seaver. The Democratic candidates are Erick E. Allen, Charlie Bailey, Tyrone Brooks, Jr., Tony Brown, Kwanza Hall, Jason T. Hayes, Derrick L. Jackson, R. Malik, and Renitta Shannon.

GA Secretary of State

Incumbent Republican Brad Raffensperger faces Republican challengers David C. Belle Isle, Jody Hice, and T.J. Hudson, and Democratic challengers Dee Dawkins-Haigler, John Eaves, Floyd Griffin, Bee Nguyen, and Michael Owens.

GA Attorney General

Incumbent Republican Chris Carr faces Republican challenger John Gordon and Democratic challengers Jennifer “Jen” Jordan and Christian Wise Smith.

GA Agriculture Commissioner

With no incumbent, Republican Tyler Harper and Democrats Winfred Dukes, Nakita Hemingway, and Fred Swann are vying for Agriculture Commissioner.

GA Insurance Commissioner

Incumbent Republican John King faces Republican challengers Ben Cowart and Patrick Witt and Democratic challengers Raphael Baker, Janice Laws Robinson, and Matthew Wilson.

GA School Superintendent

Incumbent Republican Richard Woods faces Republican challenger John D. Barge and Democratic challengers Currey Hitchens, Jaha V. Howard, James Morrow, Jr., and Alisha Thomas Searcy.

GA Labor Commissioner

With no incumbent in the race, Republicans Kartik Bhatt, Mike Coan, and Bruce Thomson vie for the GOP runoff slot. Democratic candidates William “Will” Boddie, Thomas Dean, Nicole Horn, Lester G. Jackson III, and Nadia Surrency battle it out to represent Democrats in the runoff.

GA Public Service Commission 2

Incumbent Republican Tim Echols will face one of two Democratic candidates, Patty Durand and Russell Edwards.

GA Public Service Commission 3

Incumbent Republican Fitz Johnson will face the Democrat who wins in this field: Shelia Edwards, Chandra Farley, and Missy Moore.

U.S. Senate (Washington, DC)

Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock faces Democratic challenger Tamara Johnson-Shealey and Republican challengers Gary W. Black, Josh Clark, Kelvin King, Johnathan “John” McColumn, Latham Saddler, and Herschel Junior Walker.

U.S. House of Representatives (Washington, DC)

U.S. House 5

Christian Zimm is the sole Republican candidate, while incumbent Nikema Williams faces challengers Valencia Stovall and Charlotte Macbagito.

U.S. House 13

Incumbent Rep. David Scott faces three Democratic and three Republican challengers. Democrats include Mark Baker (not the Mark Baker who was Labor Commissioner), Shastity Driscoll, and Vincent Fort. Republicans include Caesar Gonzales, Dominika Hawkins, and Calina Plotky.

Georgia Senate (Gold Dome)

GA Senate 34

Democratic incumbent Valencia Seay faces Republican challenger Tommy Smith.

GA Senate 44

Democratic incumbent Gail Davenport faces Democratic challenger Robert Flournoy, Jr.

Georgia House of Representatives (Gold Dome)

GA House 75

Democratic incumbent Mike Glanton faces two challengers: Democrat Herman “Drew” Andrews and Republican Della Ashley.

GA House 76

Democratic incumbent Sandra Givens Scott runs unopposed.

Ga House 77

Democratic incumbent Rhonda Burnough runs unopposed.

GA House 78

Democratic incumbent Demetrius Douglas faces Democratic challenger Attania Jean-Funny.

GA House 79

Democratic incumbent Yasmin Neal run unopposed.

The Clayton Crescent does not endorse candidates for political office.

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