A new sidewalk with wheelchair cuts ends abruptly before Tara Blvd.
A new sidewalk with wheelchair cuts ends abruptly before Tara Blvd. The intent seems to be for wheelchair users to cross North Main Street in a zig-zag pattern. No stop lights or crosswalks--or sidewalk across the median--allow for crossing.

The Atlanta Regional Commission has awarded Clayton County, Jonesboro, and Lovejoy $400,000 for the Tara Gateway Study.

The study “aims to improve pedestrian safety, access to bus routes, and catalyze development at three locations along Tara Boulevard: Upper Riverdale Road, the City of Jonesboro and the City of Lovejoy. The goal is a re-imagined corridor that becomes a true gateway for Clayton County.”

This was the largest Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Grant ARC has made in 2022.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership by identifying a strong consultant team to help us strategically activate this key regional corridor to its highest and best use,” wrote ARC President and CEP Shannon W. James, Sr. in an e-mail Monday.

The City of Riverdale also won a $200,000 grant for the Riverdale LCI Plan Update, which “will support the development of bus rapid transit within the City of Riverdale by furthering the work that MARTA has conducted. The plan update will provide a revised economic development strategy, transportation recommendations and an implementation plan.”

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  1. This feels like a consolation prize for denying us rail service, which I’m still incensed about.