Today, Monday, April 25, 2022 is the deadline to register to vote or to update your existing voter registration for the May 24 General Primary Election, Nonpartisan General Election and Special Election, as well as the June 21 runoffs for those elections.

Check your registration or register to vote at

May 13 is the last day to submit an absentee ballot application for the May 24 General Primary Election. Do not wait. Turnaround times are shorter and you do want your absentee ballot lost in the mail.

If you do not get your absentee ballot in time to vote, go to the polling place in person and let the election worker know. According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, ”If there is not enough time to receive a new absentee ballot, or if for any reason you cannot have another sent to you, you may vote in person. If you attempt to vote in person because you never received a requested absentee ballot, you will have to sign a document attesting that you are only voting once.”

You will have to enter the polling place during voting hours to access the ballot drop box under the new law. You can no longer drop your ballot in the box when the polling place is closed.

If you have questions, call the Clayton County Elections and Registration Office at (770) 477-3372 or e-mail . 

Military and overseas voters can e-mail .

The fax number is (770) 477-4521.

More on absentee voting from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office:

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