Hannah Payne and Kenneth Herring

LAST UPDATED: November 7, 2022

This is a timeline of the Kenneth Herring shooting in 2019 and events in State of Georgia v. Hannah Renae Payne. The case number is 2019CR01737 10 and is before Clayton County Superior Court Judge Shana Rooks Malone. Matt Tucker is the defense attorney. Assistant District Attorney Bonnie Smith is the prosecutor.

May 7, 2019Man shot dead in fight over wreck near airport” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
May 14, 2019Armed woman witnessed accident, followed victim, police say” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
June 3, 2019Payne free on bond in traffic shooting case” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
June 21, 2019Payne faces new charges in deadly shooting incident” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
July 12, 2019Bond hearing at which 911 tapes were played.
September 3, 2019Emergency motion for bond denied.
December 10, 2019Hannah Payne murder trial on hold until February 2020” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
December 31, 2019Top 3 Clayton crime stories of 2019” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
February 27, 2020Hannah Payne murder trial delayed again; was set for March 9” (Robin Kemp, Clayton News)
September 4, 2020Clayton County NAACP Youth plan silent march Sat., Sept. 5” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
September 13, 2020Roderick Walker still in custody as activists plan rally” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
October 2, 2020Former police chief sues Forest Park, alleging racism” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
March 5, 2021Man shot on I-75 in Morrow in latest metro interstate gun-reated incident” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
March 31, 2021Day 40: Last call at the Gold Dome” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
October 14, 2021Missing persons and diabetes: who’s coming for you?” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
October 14, 2021BREAKING: Payne pretrial conference set” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
November 5, 2021New diabetes support standards” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
January 21, 2022Payne could face trial in January 2022” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
April 12, 2022Payne trial on April 18 calendar call” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
April 15, 2022Clayton NAACP demands Payne trial” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
April 18, 2022Payne trial set for November 14” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent)
April 20, 2022Payne sent to mental health court in April” (Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent, August 8, 2022)
August 16, 2022Payne scheduled for pretrial motions
November 8, 2022Motions hearing scheduled before Judge Shana Rooks Malone
November 14, 2022Payne case scheduled on jury trial calendar

Robin Kemp is executive editor and CEO of The Clayton Crescent, which she founded in 2020. She has worked for Gambit, CNN, The Weather Channel, Clayton News, Henry Herald, and numerous freelance outlets....

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  1. This is surely white privilege being exercised. I hate the judicial system with a passion! It hardly EVER works for people of color. Who keeps pushing her court date back? That’s the source allowing this foolary!!

    1. I’m only going to reply to one of the myriad messages on here complaining about this being white privilege. If you believe that, you have not been following this case. First, let’s remember this happened during the pandemic, which caused huge issues with dockets being handled in a timely fashion. Second, you are overlooking that she was RE-arrested after being out of jail because new charges were added. Privilege did not keep her out of jail OR safe from additional charges. Third, a lynchpin officer who testified at her arraignment was fired. Fourth, and the most important issue at hand is that the trial judge in this case is an African American Woman. So, just shouting “white privilege” at stuff because you, idk, kinda guess that’s what’s up, means you are calling out a black female judge for systemic racism. Great job.

  2. White female privilege. It would not have took 3years to convict a minority of the same crime. This woman is guilty as sin.

  3. Praises for the Clayton NAACP. Do NOT stop pushing for this case to go to trial. Let it be known that there are people like myself all the way in California who are still checking on this case after 3 years. The name Hannah Payne is etched in my brain. Mr. Herring’s life was taken senselessly all because “Angie Dickinson” felt she could jump out of her car like a police officer, shouting obscenities, and end a Black man’s life. Justice for Kenneth Herring must come.

  4. Why is this case taking so long to come to trial? Pretty much a moot point whether it needed to go to trial. According to the circumstances, of course it did.

    1. The ex cop who shot and kill a man in a movie theater for throwing popcorn on him took 8 years before it went to trial.