The City of College Park Business and Industrial Development Authority says it will stop livestreaming its meetings because the public can now attend in person.

The Georgia Open Meetings Act stresses that, when in doubt, government agencies should tend to greater openness and not less. BIDA says it has been paying $600-700 per meeting for streaming service.

The board also discussed the possibility of cutting back on its food budget and the costs of moving to a larger meeting space. The board voted unanimously to move its meetings to City Council chambers.

The city is working on a major development called Six West. Construction should be done by May 2023, according to Ed Wall. $8 million is for residential projects and $3.5 million for a hotel development called “Project Jupiter.” Wall said funding includes:

  • $12 million TSPLOST
  • $7.7 million cash TSPLOST 1
  • $3.9 million TSPLOST 2 for Rose Street Project

See the Six West plan

Other agenda items

BIDA is developing standard operating procedures based on Lean 6 Sigma, in conjunciton with the city manager and city assistant manager. Chair Jamelle McKenzie said, “We want to be user-friendly,” and that the goal is to improve communication with developers.

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