by Robin Kemp

If you have at least one COVID-19 vaccination, catch the virus, and wind up in a hospital, you have a far better chance of leaving the hospital alive than if you’d never gotten that shot.

The overwhelming evidence comes from the Clayton County Health Department’s breakthrough case numbers since last August.

Five unvaccinated Clayton County residents with COVID-19 died in hospitals last week. So far this year, 22 unvaccinated people in Clayton County have died of COVID-19 in hospitals, while zero vaccinated people hospitalized with COVID-19 have died in hospitals in 2022.

The Clayton Crescent added up all of Clayton County’s vaccinated vs. unvaccinated COVID-19 deaths, using CCHD’s published data. As of Sunday, 191 unvaccinated Clayton County residents have died of COVID-19 since CCHD began releasing that data:

Since CCHD began publicizing breakthrough case numbers for the week ending August 29, 2021, two people in Clayton County who were been vaccinated against COVID-19 have died of the disease. It’s not clear whether those two people had other illnesses.

As of January 30, 2022, 776 people are known to have died of COVID-19 in Clayton County with 55,302 cases total. Clayton County accounts for three percent of all Georgia COVID-19 cases.

Nearly one in four PCR tests for COVID-19 were positive last week and almost 4,000 people were infected, according to the latest numbers from the Clayton County Health District and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Half of Clayton County residents–50%–have now gotten at least one dose of vaccine and 45% have been fully vaccinated. 34% of Clayton County residents also have gotten a booster shot.

37.6% of Hispanic residents are vaccinated, compared to 48.3% of non-Hispanic residents. A recent distribution of COVID-19 self-test kits included instructions in both Spanish and English.

Nearly a year ago, Forest Park City Councilman Héctor Gutierrez told The Clayton Crescent about his bout with COVID-19. He described it as “the worst thing that I’ve ever encountered in my life”:

If you have concerns about vaccination for COVID-19, discuss them with your primary care physician. If you don’t have a doctor, call the Clayton County Health District at (678) 479-2223 for information about COVID-19, as well as free testing and vaccinations. Learn more at .

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