by Robin Kemp

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is taking public comments on a proposed development near the Harold R. Banke Justice Center that would require the state’s permission to come within 25 feet of an existing stream buffer.

The GPS coordinates for the site are latitude 33.507845, longitude -84.352312. The person on record as applying for the permit is Bill Casey of Casey Investment Properties, LLP at 1947 Bill Casey Parkway in Jonesboro.

The proposed mixed-use project would include commercial and retail buildings, as well as senior housing.

According to Georgia EPD, “The design was created to minimize disturbance as well as prevent downstream impacts to the extent practicable. An on-site detention pond will control stormwater and protect water quality. Mitigation credits will also be purchased. The proposed project will result in approximately 739 total linear feet (40,243 total square feet) of buffer disturbance lasting approximately 12 months located at an unnamed tributary of Swamp Creek, in the Upper Flint Watershed.”

Georgia EPD notes that the variance application “must include an approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan with control measures based on sound conservation and engineering practices which meet or exceed the standards in the ‘Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia;’ and which will minimize erosion and deposition of sediments on adjacent lands or into State waters.”

Comments should not address zoning or land use concerns, because Georgia EPD has no control over those. What EPD will take comments on are “environmental issues related to air, water, and land protection.”

Those comments will be taken into consideration as part of the application process, Georgia EPD says.

You can make an appointment to inspect the site plans at Georgia EPD’s Watershed Protection Branch, 200 Piedmont Ave. SW, Suite 418 West, Atlanta, GA 3o334.

To set up an appointment, contact Arnettia Murphy at (404) 656-4147 or e-mail her at

To file a comment in writing, send it via U.S. Mail to:

Program Manager
Non-Point Source Program
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW
Suite 1462 East
Atlanta, GA 3o334

If you have questions, contact:

Victoria A. Adams
Environmental Specialist
EPD Watershed Protection Branch
Non-Point Source Program
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW
Suite 1462 East
Atlanta, GA 30334

(470) 524-4639

Read the public notice from Georgia DNR

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