by Robin Kemp

If you keep tabs on water quality and stormwater runoff in Clayton County, several items on tonight’s agenda are worth a closer look.

During tonight’s zoning matters hearing, the Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on a stream buffer variance request for a property at 2464 Mt Zion Road, the Clayton 75 Logistics Center. The BOC also will consider a non-impervious setback at that site. (A stream buffer variance request came before the Jonesboro City Council recently.)

Georgia tends to defer to local governments on stream buffer issues. You can learn more about state stream buffer rules from Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

The county also is set to approve a request by the Clayton County Water Authority “for the purpose of laying and constructing utility pipes, structures and/or facilities on, across, over and through” tax map parcel numbers 13146B B002 (2.4 acres zoned APT) and 13145C A004 (16. 31 acres zoned IND12) next to the Jesters Creek Greenway. Resolution 2021-270 says this is for permanent sanitary sewer lines. You can click on the “Pictometry” menu item to the left on each parcel’s tax information for an aerial view of the properties.

Finally, there are several items on the agenda for contracts or changes to contracts with Garland/DBS, Inc., of Cleveland, OH for roofing and waterproofing on various county buildings:

  • $128,343 for the Clayton County Tourism Building
  • $114,098 for the Lovejoy Library
  • another $78,796 for the Headquarters Library (now at $473,976)

Tonight’s meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at 116 Smith Street, Jonesboro.

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