The Clayton Crescent needs your help to meet our December 31 goal of $15,000 so that we can unlock a TRIPLE MATCH through NewsMatch 2021 and the Institute for Nonprofit News.


As of Friday, December 17, loyal readers have donated $4,514.05 to The Clayton Crescent during our NewsMatch 2021 campaign. We thank each and every one of you who has given so generously!

But we still have a ways to go if we’re going to make the match by New Year’s Eve.

We serve Clayton County by covering the news. Without The Clayton Crescent, this county will effectively be in a news desert. And that’s bad for everything–economic development, accountability for your elected officials, and other measurable, highly negative impacts on communities that don’t have a reliable source of local news coverage.

Executive Editor/CEO Robin Kemp takes a break at the Atlanta Press Club board meeting. The Clayton Crescent represents Clayton County in the local media market and is an important voice shaping coverage.

People outside of Clayton County also understand the importance of growing The Clayton Crescent. We want to thank our friends outside the county for their support, too.

And our influence among our peers in the Atlanta press corps continues to bring more attention to Clayton County as a whole. We’ve got big things planned for 2022 that will put the county in the spotlight–in an even bigger way.

If you haven’t stepped up, now is the time to do it. Your donation will help The Clayton Crescent do three important things:

  • Buy time for grantwriting so that we can stabilize our long-term financial outlook
  • Hire additional staff so that we can bring you more coverage (and give the editor a break!)
  • Improve the website to make it more efficient

And if you have given already, we are asking you to get two more friends to give, as well. Tell them about The Clayton Crescent. Send them links to our stories. Post an appeal on social media. Anything you can do to help us meet our $15,000 goal by December 31 is deeply appreciated.

Your gift is tax-deductible and we don’t waste a penny of it.

Someone has to hold the powerful accountable. Why not you? Start with a donation to The Clayton Crescent.

You can give online using this link (which counts towards our matching goal!): . Please SHARE this link on your social media accounts and encourage others to give before December 31!

You also can send a check made out to The Clayton Crescent, Inc. via U.S. Mail (which also counts if it’s dated on on before Dec. 31, 2021 and we get it on time) to our highly-esteemed back office, which handles our bookkeeping:

The Clayton Crescent

7742 Spalding Drive, Suite 209

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Robin Kemp
Executive Editor/CEO
The Clayton Crescent, Inc.

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