by Robin Kemp

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Monday, Nov. 15

5:30 p.m.: The Jonesboro Historic Preservation Commission meets at 124 North Avenue. On the agenda:

  • a Certificate of Appropriateness for a roof over the back deck of Don Dixon’s home at 124 Spring Street (Parcel 13240D C024) in the Historic Residential Overlay. The Design Review Commission has recommended approval.
  • a Certificate of Appropriateness for renovations at The Cigar Parlour, 171 N. Main Street (Parcel 13240D C002) in the Historic District. The existing beige and red siding will be painted black, “which will go better with the new business’ color scheme and signage,” and several windows “will be removed or repositioned, but staff does not feel that this will be to the detriment of the building,” despite city regulations that state “Historic windows and window arrangement shall be maintained.” The DRC has recommended approval.

6 p.m.: The Forest Park City Council holds its work session, followed by the regular meeting at 7 p.m. On the agenda:

  • a review of FY2021-22 first-quarter results and spending
  • appointing a judge pro tem to handle the city’s First Appearance jail calendar (conducted twice a month virtually), “in addition to being called upon to back up the arraignment, trial, probation revocation and environmental sessions”
  • changing a city requirement that off-duty police officers work banquet hall security (the city’s insurance carrier “has declined to extend insurance coverage for off-duty Forest Park Police Officers working security details at night clubs or other venues where alcohol is served”). Instead, the council will vote to let security guards provide that service.
  • consider a public information officer communications policy for City Hall (which the University of Georgia Law First Amendment Clinic points out may pose First Amendment issues for city officials)

Tuesday, Nov. 16

6:30 p.m.: The Morrow Planning and Zoning Board is scheduled to meet. No agenda had been published as of press time.

6:30 p.m.: The Clayton County Board of Commissioners meets at 6:30 p.m., with zoning matters to follow the regular meeting. On the consent agenda:

  • a request from the Department of State Court Clerks’ Offices to amend the contract with Tyler Technologies for Magistrate and Probate Court e-filing fees, which would be paid by filers, as well as adding “no compensation on waiver payment account terms and add[ing] the E-Filing Insights Software License”
  • a contract (PSA 21-225) with Quinton Mitchell of Fayetteville with the Public Defender’s Office “to provide investigative services for one (1) year and two (2) successive one (1) year renewal terms in the amount of $52,000.08 per year for a grand total of $156,000.24.” The contract would be paid with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
  • $318,225 to BRTU Construction, Inc. of Forest Park using Community Development Block Grant funds. Mulugeta Zeleke is the company’s CEO.
  • a contract with John McDaniel of Lawrenceville with the Public Defender’s Office “to provide investigative services for one (1) year and two (2) successive one (1) year renewal terms in the amount of $55,000.00 per year for a grand total of $165,000.” This contract also would be paid for with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
  • $425,496 for 300 automated external defibrillator (AEDs) for the Clayton County Police Department through Cardiac Solutions, LLC of Birmingham, AL, by way of the the NASPO Value Point Cooperative Contract (OK-SW-300) and using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
  • $288,211 for “facility condition assessments and software” from VFA, Inc. of Greenville, S.C., using National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance Contract 02-110-G, requested by Building Maintenance and using departmental funds.
  • A contract modification for improvements to the Riverdale Library Computer Work Area by Place Services, Inc. of Canton, “and to amend the insurance requirements for this project,” at Central Services’ request. The contract is CP 21-195 and this is the second change.
  • A 60-day contract extension from December 1 to January 21, 2022 for Baldwin Paving, which is milling and resurfacing “various streets” in Districts 1 and 2: “due to a detour and the closing of Panola Road for construction of a drainage structure, the Contractor was asked to delay proceeding until the detour was removed.” The contract is ITB 21-07 and is a SPLOST project that would cost the county no additional money.
  • A budget amendment “for the remaining 2009 SPLOST funds for Transportation and Development road projects”
  • add three new street lights to Conley Forest in District 1
  • accept grants for the Clayton County Library System totaling $16,500 from the Prime-Time Family Program Grant, which will give the Headquarters, Forest Park, and Northwest locations $5,500 each to “[engage] families in reading and discussion by creatively presenting stimulating stories, books, activities, songs, and crafts.”
  • $1,500 for the Clayton County Library System “to partner with Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College to support summer reading through an award from the Georgia Public Library Service”
  • retire Clayton County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Ofc. Jack to Kevin Issac
  • authorizing Clayton County Parks and Recreation to grant a conditional permit to “A Community A-Fair” so it can use the Geral Matthews Complex parking lots for the ACA Spring Break Carnival March 28 through April 13, 2020
  • authorizing the county on behalf of Clayton County Transportation and Development to apply to Georgia DOT for $2,293159.52 in Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants. The grant requires a 30% match of $687,947.86 for a total minimum project value of $2,981,107.38.
  • authorizing the county, on behalf of Clayton County Transportation and Development Department, to apply for federal transportation funds through the Atlanta Regional Commission for the Tara Boulevard Safety Improvements Project and authorizing the county to put $176,597 towards that effort.
  • approving a Civil Service Board attorney
  • accepting property under a court order for the Clayton County Police Department
  • approving a movie location for parking and catering for Reptile Movie, LLC at Clayton County International Park for Nov. 3-10 “or such date as authorized by the Chairman or his designee.”
  • a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Clayton County Board of Education for the Public Safety Officials and First Responders Supplement Grant for eligible school resource officers
  • application for federal transportation funds, on behalf of Transportation and Development, through the Atlanta Regional Commission for the “Clayton County Intelligent Transportation System (‘ITS’) Infrastructure Modernization Project,” as well as committing $500,000 towards that project.
  • application for federal transportation through ARC for the Clayton County Resurfacing Program FY 2024 Project, and committing $616,000 towards that project.
  • a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Street-Smart Youth Project “to collaborate in teaching sessions to Middle School aged children about topics such as Substance Abuse, Violence Prevention, and overall Health Education,” and to let them use the Jim Huie and Virginia Gray recreation centers to do so.

Also on the regular agenda: Ordinance 2021-241 would change the consent agenda ordinance “to allow a commissioner to remove an item from the consent agenda to the regular agenda by motion without a need for a second.” The ordinance would amend the parliamentary rules accordingly.

Zoning matters include:

  • a public hearing on a map change to allow the proposed 195-unit Genesis Townhomes at 1816 Noah’s Ark Road and 9497 Thornton Blvd. in District 4. The request is for a Future Land Use Map Amendment from General Commercial to Medium Density Residential (MDR), which would allow a Planned Use Development (PUD) at that location. Both Planning and Zoning and the Zoning Advisory Group (ZAG) recommend denial.
  • a related public hearing on a zoning change request from GB to PUD for the Genesis Townhomes proposed project. Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend denial.
  • another public hearing on the Genesis Townhomes preliminary plat, which Planning and Zoning also recommend for denial.
  • a request to rezone about 75.38 acres at 2915 McDonough Road in Hampton (parcel 06102 123003, in District 4 near Freeman and McDonough Roads) from AG – Agriculture District to PUD – Planned Unit Development for the proposed Avery Landing development. That would include 276 single-family detached homes, 112 attached townhome units, and about 1.3 acres of office space. Both Planning and Development and ZAG recommend approval.
  • a related rezoning request from AG to PUD for Avery Landing, which Planning and Development and ZAG recommend for approval with 11 conditions
  • a related preliminary plat request for Avery Landing, which Planning and Development and ZAG have recommended for approval with 10 conditions
  • a request from TDC Logistics Company, LLC (Transwestern), a Chicago-based real estate management company, for a Future Land Use Map Amendment from GC – General Commercial to MXI – Mixed Use Commercial and Industrial, for a new 28.6-acre, 265,200 square-foot warehouse and distribution facility at 5490 and 5544 Highway 42 in Ellenwood near Georgia Hwy. 42 and Forest Parkway in District 1. The parcel numbers are 12171C A001 (owned by Makara Mao) and 12171A A002 (owned by David Hopkins). Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend denial.
  • a related zoning change from GB to LI. Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend denial.
  • a related conditional use permit. Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend denial.
  • a conditional use permit requested by Phuong Thao Lam for a 5,000 square-foot place of worship and two 2,000 square-foot Learning Center buildings on 6.63 acres at 6396 Georgia Hwy, 42 in Rex (parcel 12119B A003 in District 1 near the Creekwood Village Shopping Center). The property is in the Highway 42 Overlay District and is zoned agricultural. Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend denial.
  • a conditional use permit requested by Southbound Development Group for a new 2,085 square-foot Valvoline Oil Change on .88 acres at 3603 Georgia Hwy. 138, Stockbridge in District 1, west of Hanover Pkwy. and Hwy. 138. The parcei is 12073D B003 and is zoned GB–General Business District. Planning and Zoning recommends approval with one condition; ZAG recommends denial.
  • a conditional use permit for an existing convenience store at 6550 Mt. Zion Blvd. (parcel 12117D B001, on 1.79 acres near Allendale Heights Apartments). Planning and Zoning recommends approval with one condition; ZAG recommends denial.
  • a request from Capshaw Development Co., LLC, to modify PUD Standards to reduce front-yard setbacks for 11 lots on Emerald Drive in Spivey Estates. These include:
    • 1752 Emerald Drive (12014C A009)
    • 1760 Emerald Drive (12014C A010)
    • 1768 Emerald Drive (12014C A011)
    • 1776 Emerald Drive (12014C A012)
    • 1784 Emerald Drive (12014C A013)
    • 1792 Emerald Drive (12014C A014)
    • 1804 Emerald Drive (12014C A015)
    • 1812 Emerald Drive (12014C A016)
    • 1820 Emerald Drive (12014C A017)
    • 1834 Emerald Drive (12014C A018)
    • 1842 Emerald Drive (12014C A019)

Both Planning and Zoning and ZAG recommend approval with one condition.

  • a proposed zoning ordinance change ordinance that would delete Article 6, Sec. 6.30 (E) (1) (b) – “Replacement of an existing fence with a new fence that is the same type, and height and in the same location as the existing fence; provided the replacement fence is otherwise in full compliance with this ordinance.” ZAG recommends approval.
  • a proposed amendment that would require minimum architectural design standards for developers and builders in Clayton County: “add Residential Architectural Design Standards to Article 6, Sec. 6.7 – Architecture and Appearance (AA) which will provide minimum standards that residential developers/builders must meet inorder to build in Clayton County and amend all necessary sections of Article 6, Sec. 6.7 (AA-02) (c) and Article 6, Sec. 6.7 (AA-03) (f).” ZAG recommends approval.
  • a proposed amendment to allow film and movie studios in light industrial and heavy industrial zones. ZAG recommends approval.
  • an amendment establishing a new zoning designation, Residential Multi-Family to Single-Family (RMTSF), and setting out its intent. ZAG recommends approval.

Wednesday, Nov. 17


Thursday, Nov. 18

6 p.m.: Riverdale Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon meets with citizens in council chambers for her “Mayor Talks” discussion of events in the city. Fore more information, call Lisa Barney at (770) 909-5319 or e-mail

Friday, Nov. 19


As always, check back for updates — be sure to refresh your browser!–and let us know if we missed something.

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