by Robin Kemp

All gave some. Some gave all. In a time when our nation is divided from within and threatened from without, The Clayton Crescent recognizes Clayton County’s many veterans today, and every day. If you see someone wearing their cap or unit insignia or other symbols of their service, acknowledge their sacrifice. Say thank you.

Send in your own service photo or that of your loved one, along with name, rank, and service branch. We especially encourage photos that date from time of service when available, so that younger people can see what you looked like when you served. E-mail your photo and information to and we’ll add it here.

If your loved one was designated POW, MIA, or KIA, please let us know that, too. Please help us add the names of Clayton County’s fallen. And if we need to correct anything, please let us know.

In Memoriam: Clayton County’s Fallen

World War I

Pvt. Tom Bennett
Sgt. George C. Burnett
Cpl. Tom Frank Gardner
PFC Clarence Henderson
Pvt. Brewster Jackson
App. Seaman Albee Lewis Mitchell
PFC William Henry Mitchell
Pvt. Alton L. Rowden
Pvt. Clark Smith
1 Lt. David King Summers
PFC Cloyed H. Swaney

World War II

Pvt. William O. Adamson, U.S. Army
Pvt. John E. Anderson, U.S. Army
PFC Charles L. Awtrey, U.S. Army
TSG James C. Brown, U.S. Army
TEC5 Robert E. Crawford, U.S. Army
Pvt. Jack W. DeLay, U.S. Army
1 LT Latham Denning, U.S. Army
PFC Robert L. Gilstrap, U.S. Army
TSG Paul W. Haney, U.S. Army
Cpl. Matthew L. Heard, U.S. Army
TEC5 Arlin H. Hodges, U.S. Army
2 LT Ernest C. Hyde, U.S. Army
PFC Isaac D. Kimberly, U.S. Army
1 SG Jamison C. Maddox, U.S. Army
Sgt. Henry D. McLeroy, Jr., U.S. Army
Sgt. Glenn Naylor, U.S. Army
TSG Charles L. Peacock, U.S. Army
PFC John D. Phillips, U.S. Army
Sgt. John A. Poindexter, Jr., U.S. Army
TSG William J. Reagin, U.S. Army
SSG Francis E. Scott, U.S. Army
Pvt. Lloyd R. Taylor, Dr, U.S. Army
Maj. Harwell P. Tilley III, U.S, Army
TEC5 Earl Warner, U.S. Army
TEC5 Frank S. Wilson, U.S. Army
Cpl. Thomas E. Brown, U.S. Marine Corps
PFC Daniel H. Cates, U.S. Marine Corps
AD 3c Thomas William Moss, U.S. Naval Reserve


PFC Rufus Brown, Jr., U.S. Army
Cpl. Glenn Monroe Ketchersid, U.S. Marine Corps


Maj. Joseph Adrian Bishop, U.S. Army
Sgt. Thomas Lee Banks, U.S. Army
SP4 Daniel Lee Brock, U.S. Army
SP4 Johnny Ray Bryson, U.S. Army
PFC Stephen Manton Campbell, U.S. Marine Corps
SP4 Daniel Lee Chamblee, U.S. Army
Cpl. Alonzo Carlton Collier, U.S. Army
WO1 Robert K. Everest III, U.S. Army
Cdr. Frank Eugene Fullerton, U.S. Navy
1 LT Walter Murrah Gibson, U.S. Army
Sgt. Claude Vernor Giles, U.S. Army
PFC Thomas Graham, Jr., U.S. Army
WO1 Benjamin Wayne Haire, U.S. Army
Lance Cpl. Ray Wesley Hesterlee, U.S. Marine Corps
Cpl. Robert Milton Johnson, U.S. Marine Corps
SP4 Melvin Lipscomb, U.S. Army
WO1 Johnny F. Long, U.S. Army
Cpl. Marvin Lacy Mayo, U.S. Army
Sgt. David Carroll McCranie, U.S. Army
PFC Wayne Houston McKinley, U.S. Marine Corps
PFC Johnson Minnitee, Jr., U.S. Army
PO1 Dan Baker Norton, U.S. Navy
Cpl. Robert Jerry Padgett, U.S. Army
1 LT Raymond Alan Powell, U.S. Army
PFC Carl Wayne Pritchett, U.S.Army
Lance Cpl. Rocke Darrell Ramsey, U.S. Marine Corps
SP4 Kenneth Douglas Smith, U.S. Army
1 LT Thomas Trammel Staples II, U.S. Army
WO1 William Thomas Wallace, Jr., U.S. Army
Lance Cpl. Jerry Gordon Waller, U.S. Marine Corps
Cpl. Philip Warren Weaver, U.S. Army

Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm)

Pfc. Charles S. Walker, U.S. Army

Operation Iraqi Freedom

SPC4 Justin Robert Jarrett, U.S. Army

Operation Enduring Freedom

SFC John Curtis Beale, U.S. Army National Guard
SPC Anthony Marquis Lightfoot, U.S. Army
MSG Mitchell Wayne Young, U.S. Army

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