UPDATE: 3:15 p.m. 11/8: School Board special called meeting added

by Robin Kemp

We regret that we were unable to compile the Monday Roundup for November 1 due to election coverage. Such are the trials of a one-person operation.

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Here’s what’s shaking in local government this week. In addition, the Georgia Assembly is in session, haggling over maps that will change the way districts are drawn in Clayton County and statewide for the next decade. We’re filing that story separately.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Monday, Nov. 8

6 p.m.: The Riverdale City Council holds its business meeting at City Hall. Two speakers have signed up for public comment as of press time: State Sen. Valencia Seay and Walter Favors. Ethics Board Alternate Ashley Holmes III will be sworn in. The council will discuss and consider red-light school zone cameras, as well as cancellation of the November 22 and December 27 meetings due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. (December 27 is the Monday after Christmas weekend.)

6 p.m.: The Jonesboro City Council holds its regular meeting at the Jonesboro Police Station, 170 S. Main Street, in the second-floor courtroom. Three public hearings on zoning matters kick off the meeting:

  • A conditional use permit for an events center and concert hall at 242 Stockbridge Road by Patricia Okwusa, property owner. The parcel number is 12017D B003 and the application number is 21-CU-018. This is at the old Ingles shopping center.
  • A request for an alcohol beverage package dealer of beer/wine at 249 N. Main Street by Omer Ahmed Syed, doing business as Minex Kwik Mart. The application number is 21ALC-003.
  • A request for a Retail Package Dealer incense to sell wine and beer at 281 N. Main Street by Aastha LLC. The application number is ALC-004

The council will hear public comment, then consider financial statements from January 1 through September 30, as well as the minutes of the October 11 regular meeting and November 1 work session. 

The consent agenda includes mid-year budget amendments, appointments to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and approval of a $5,685 award for bulletproof vests.

People who have committed to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee include:

  • Karen Sullivan
  • Valerie Loner
  • Valencia Williamson
  • Cathy Roark
  • Altimese Dees
  • Mayor Joy Day
  • Lavettra Willis (from Old Ivy)
  • Denise Harvey (from the Grove)
  • 3 others invited; awaiting responses

Old business will include votes on the three zoning matters mentioned above, as well as an “Electric Vehicle Charging Make-Ready Program” agreement with Georgia Power (the city pays for the charging stations and Georgia Power pays for the infrastructure), and consideration of approval of a preliminary plat for “a major subdivision” off Key Street on Parcel 12106D B001Z.

The plat is 21-SUB-003 and the owner is Key Street LLC. The company’s registered agent is Michael Kilgallon. A Mike Kilgallon is president of The Pacific Group, Inc., an Atlanta-based company that has built several developments in Clayton County—several of which are in Lovejoy. These include Dale Crossing, Diamond Meadows, Gates at Hasting Bridge, Lovejoy Crossing, Northpoint Village, Quail Crossing, River Station, Shoal Creek, and Towne Center in Lovejoy. Michael Kilgallon also was the registered agent for Gilbert Road, LLC, which voluntarily dissolved in 2005. (Another Mike Kilgallon is project manager for Monte Hewett Homes.) The subdivision would lie partly in the City of Jonesboro, partly in Clayton County: “The closest City street is Key Street; however, the nine City lots do not access Key Street and instead access Orwell Drive and Faulkner Court in Clayton County. The fronts of the houses will not be visible from City streets. All of the City lots have a stream buffer along their rear.” An unsigned letter included in tonight’s agenda packet reads in part, “Our goal is to work with all our neighbors in addition to working with the County and City. We will send out letters to our neighbors that we have not yet coordinated with and invite them to a virtual zoom meeting to discuss our proposed plan as part of our Community Information Meeting. We will have the ability to meet individuals in person if they are comfortable to do so. We will have this zoom meeting prior to the scheduled Zoning Advisory Group Public Hearing on November 1, 2021.” The development, which is near Jonesboro Middle School and backs up on Little Rum Creek, includes 66 lots on 34.84 acres, “service(d) by County water/gravity sewer, with water tap being made along western side of Embrey Hills Subdivision.”

6:30 p.m.: The Lake City City Council holds its work session at City Hall, 5455 Jonesboro Road, followed by the regular council meeting at 7 p.m. If you have business you wish to address and that you would like placed on the agenda,  call City Hall at (404) 366-8080. No agenda had been posted as of press time.

6:30 p.m.: The Clayton County Ethics Board meets at 112 Smith Street, Conference Room 2. No agenda was published on the Ethics Board’s county webpage as of press time; the last minutes on that page date from July 13, 2020.

Tuesday, Nov. 9

9 a.m.: The Clayton County Board of Assessors holds its work session, immediately followed by its regular meeting, in the conference room of the Tax Assessor’s Office, Annex 3, 4th floor, 121 S. McDonough Street, Jonesboro. No agenda for the meeting was posted on the Board of Tax Assessors county webpage as of press time and no minutes are published on that page.

5:30 p.m.: The Clayton County Board of Commissioners holds its work session to consider preliminary items for the Nov. 16 regular meeting. Magistrate Court Judge Keisha Wright Hill will make a presentation on Magistrate Court functions. Jef Metro will discuss applying for federal transportation funds, through the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transportation Improvement Plan, for pedestrian and safety upgrades on Tara Boulevard. The grant could fund 80% of the project, with state and local funds footing the other 20%. One possible project: adding sidewalks, street lighting and pedestrian lighting from Upper Riverdale Road through Talmadge Road. The BOC will discuss Resolution 2021-255, which is an intergovernmental agreement with the Development Authority of Clayton County (Invest Clayton) to develop property “associated with the Gilbert Road Joint Venture.” Specifically, the BOC will hear a presentation on three major points: financial “and other” impacts of the Mountain View Overlay District on the IGA, issues with lighting and how to pay for it, and how any failure of ongoing negotiations to acquire right-of-way properties in the area could affect the project.

Wednesday, November 10

6 p.m.: The Clayton County Board of Education has called a special in-person meeting in the board room of the School Administration Complex, 1058 Fifth Ave., Jonesboro. The public is invited but must complete a COVID-19 survey online Wednesday (before the meeting), wear a mask, and have a temperature check. Special seating restrictions and limited capacity may be in effect. Fill out the online COVID-19 survey at https://bit.ly/2ViiW0x. Masks are mandatory.

Thursday, Nov. 11


8:30 a.m.: The Clayton County Pension Board holds its quarterly board meeting via Zoom. To take part, register online at https://bit.ly/3khCgrk and you will be sent a link to access the meeting.

11 a.m.: Forest Park Veterans Day Celebration, 696 Main Street. Space is limited. Reserve your space at dmoses@forestparkga.org

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