by Robin Kemp

In Riverdale, incumbents Mary Granison of Ward 1 and Wanda Wallace of Ward 3 were reelected in the Nov. 2 city council race, according to unofficial numbers posted at the Riverdale Town Center.

The Clayton Crescent did not report these numbers on Tuesday night due to delays at another polling site and the need to report them firsthand by verifying the numbers from the source.

Granison ran unopposed in Ward 1, chalking up 22 advance votes and 49 in-person votes on Election Day for a total of 71 votes.

In Ward 3, incumbent Wanda Wallace got 55 advance votes, 29 absentee, and 65 in-person on Election Day, totaling 149 votes.

Iris Jessie, whose name was misspelled “Irish” on the posted results sheet, got 27 advance votes, 1 absentee, and 30 in-person, with 58 votes total.

Claude Tate got 5 advance votes, 0 absentee votes, and 15 in-person, for a total of 149 votes.

Two write-in votes were reported, although no candidate had qualified to be on the ballot as a write-in.

A total of 300 voters cast ballots in this election. According to SOVC totals on the Clayton County Elections and Registration website, 37,094 registered voters turned out for the Nov. 3, 2020 Presidential election. Based on those numbers, Riverdale saw a 0.8% voter turnout.

You read that right.

Eight-tenths of one percent of registered voters in Riverdale voted in Tuesday’s election.

While not all voters live in either District 1 or District 3, the numbers are the lowest The Clayton Crescent has seen in any of the municipalities that held local elections this week.

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