by Robin Kemp

Organized Clayton hosted a candidate forum for the Board of Commissioners District 1 race. Watch a replay of the nearly two-hour session in full or scroll down for specific questions and answers in short form:

On the dais were Shegale Crute-Thurmond, Regina Deloach, Hackwin Devoe, Junior Jackson, and Alaina Reaves.

During the forum, The Clayton Crescent asked several questions of the panel in general via Facebook chat. Moderators chose to whom each question was directed; we had no control over their decisions. Neither the candidates nor the organizers knew beforehand that we would be asking any questions. We did not know who would answer or what they would say.

None of our questions went to Shegale Crute-Thurmond or Hackwin Devoe. The other three candidates–Alaina Reaves, Junior Jackson, and Regina Delaoch–got to answer our questions twice.

We will add two questions that we did not ask and answers from Crute-Thurmond and Devoe in order to give them a fair shot.

The other five candidates were not present at today’s event.

How do you define “sustainable development?”

A: Alaina Reaves

What will you do to clean up motels known as hotbeds of drug/sex trafficking and to hold management responsible for looking the other way?

A: Regina Deloach

What do you perceive as the relationship between the appointed boards (Ethics, Housing Authority, etc.) and the Board of Commissioners?

A: Junior Jackson

How will you improve transparency at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office?

A: Regina Deloach

Clayton County Schools are involved in two major real estate deals: one at Southlake Mall, the other at the Flats at Mt. Zion. What are the risks and rewards of such projects for the school system and the community at large?

A: Junior Jackson

What will you do to help residents near Fort GIllem hold the Army Corps of Engineers responsible for ongoing contamination impacts surrounding the base?

A: Alaina Reaves

We encourage you to listen to all the questions–not just ours–and to the answers the candidates gave.

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