“I love serving the people of the Clayton County community.”

— Alieka Anderson, BOC District 1 candidate

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Clayton County School Board District 8

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Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Administration, Argosy University Sarasota

Alieka Anderson, BOC District 1

Alieka Anderson resigned from the School Board District 8 seat to run for Clayton County Board of Commissioners District 1.

What makes you the best candidate for this particular district?

More than 17 years ago, I moved to Clayton County to make this my home. As a native of Atlanta, GA I have lived in the Georgia for my whole life. However, I always saw great potential in Clayton County because of its connection to the airport and the great shopping that Clayton County provided for its citizens at that time. However, after 4 years of living in Clayton County in 2008 disaster struck and our school system lost its accreditation. As a homeowner and an educator, I knew I had to do something to help our school district regain its accreditation back. Thereafter, I went on my journey and ran for the Clayton County Board of Education. I won and worked with eight other hardworking and dedicated board members to regain the districts accreditation back for our children. During my tenure as a board member for 13 years, I not only helped to regain the accreditation but I served in leadership on the board as the Chair from 2008-2010 & Vice-chair during various years on the board. In addition, as a school board leader I was instrumental in creating policies, had a fiduciary responsibility to balance a budget of over $650 million dollars, hired the Superintendent (which is my only employee), allocated SPLOST funds to build new high performing schools, and worked with the Superintendent, businesses, and community to build the district’s Strategic Plan. Not to mention to add to my leadership experiences in the community, Commissioner Sonna Singleton-Gregory and the Board of Commissioner members appointed me to several boards in Clayton County. These boards included the Clayton County Development Authority, the Housing Authority Board, and Clayton Center in which I currently serve as the Vice-chair on that board now. In closing, I contend that I am the best candidate for this position because I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise as a school board member and as a community leader that will help me continue to lead the county. In addition, I love serving the people of the Clayton County community. My immense ability as a servant leader has led me to work with many families in our community, businesses, the faith-based community, and non-profits. Thus, I want to continue to sustain these relationships so I can lead Clayton County in the right direction.

What do you see as the strengths of your district?

As I analyze my strengths as a leader in the community, I contend that my strengths are as follows: 1) Ability to communicate well and listen to others 2) Effectively worked on Economic Development in the county 3) Display integrity at all times 4) People can count on me to get the job done because I am a hard worker 5) I am a team player who works with everybody and brings people together 6) I promote a propelling vision for District 1 and Clayton County and 7) I expect excellence and will work for the people to make sure we all get what we need in District 1 and Clayton County.

How do you handle conflict/people who disagree with you?

In order to handle conflict with people who disagree with me as a leader the first thing I will do is actively listen to other people’s point of view in a calm and caring manner. In addition, I will ask questions to get an understanding of the issue. Next, I will speak my opinion in a calm nonconfrontational manner using facts and showing ways that it can benefit the people in order for the people or that person to hear me. Lastly, when dealing with conflict I will try to come up with a solution that will benefit “all” people so we can agree and move forward for the betterment of the community.

What one project would you like to accomplish in the next 4 years if elected?

There are many projects that I would like to accomplish in the next 4 years. However, the largest project that I would like to accomplish is a Strategic Economic Development Plan in District1where our community will take advantage of their own economic development, set clear and attainable economic development objectives, and design policies and programs to achieve them. In order to accomplish this initiative I will first, develop a team of 10-15 stakeholders which will include the following: -Other local elected officials -Representatives from the Clayton County Development Authority -Leaders within the business community -Resident members -Non-profit agencies -Local churches or places of worship -A member of a local or regional workforce development office Through this initiative we will develop a plan that will include a mission, a vision, strategies, objectives, processes and procedures, and an implementation period in which we will monitor, assess, and evaluate the plan. The Strategic Economic Development Plan will be one of the cornerstone projects of District 1 that will help to redevelop the district and move our citizens swiftly into the 21st century.

Anything else people should know about you?

[Candidate did not answer.]

On the issues

Anderson listed mixed-use zoning, Fort Gillem cleanup, job skills training, attracting high-tech jobs, tourism and film, mandatory trash pickup, traffic calming/safety upgrades, walkability/pedestrian safety, sex trafficking, rent control/affordable housing, absentee landlords/house flippers, MARTA commuter rail, police interactions, street racers/flashmob car shows, and “Music & Entertainment Venues/YMCA or Boys & Girls Club” as Clayton County’s most pressing issues.

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