Teenage boy and mother smile as a nurse vaccinates him
2006 Content Provided by: Judy Schmidt This photograph shows a 13 year old male receiving an intramuscular vaccination in the deltoid muscle, from a nurse. Vaccinations are most often given via the intramuscular route in the deltoid or thigh muscle, to optimize the immune response of the vaccine and reduce the adverse reactions in and around the injection site.

by Robin Kemp

The Clayton County Public Schools Department of Student Services and Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services will start offering COVID-19 shots to eligible students ages 12 and up at some schools starting Thursday, September 9.

Students ages 12 to 17 must have permission from a parent or guardian. Students 18 and older can give consent for themselves.

The Pfizer vaccine is free and will be given during school hours.

Schools on the list include:

  • Adamson Middle School
  • Babb Middle School
  • Kendrick Middle School
  • Eddie White Middle School
  • Mundy’s Mill Middle School
  • Morrow Middle School
  • North Clayton Middle School
  • Pointe South Middle School
  • Riverdale Middle School
  • Rex Mill Middle School
  • Sequoyah Middle School
  • Roberts Middle School
  • Forest Park Middle School
  • Jonesboro Middle School
  • Drew High School
  • Elite Scholars Academy
  • Jonesboro High School
  • Forest Park High School
  • Lovejoy High School
  • Morrow High School
  • Mundy’s Mill High School
  • Mt. Zion High School
  • North Clayton High School
  • Riverdale High School
  • Perry Center
  • Stilwell High School

Superintendent Dr. Morcease Beasley said, “As we continue to prioritize the safety of all employees and students, we are proud to offer COVID-19 vaccines to our students. While receiving the vaccination is completely voluntary, we are excited to move forward in our ‘Clayton Calling the Shots’ vaccination efforts and provide this opportunity. We thank our local health agencies for partnering with our school system as well as applaud our student health team, led by Dr. Angela Horrison-Collier, for its tremendous work to make vaccinations conveniently accessible to all students and their families.”

Parents or guardians of children 12 to 17, as well as students who are 18 or older, need to take these stepos if they wish to be vaccinated at school:

  1. Fill out the Pre-Registration Student Vaccination Form at https://forms.gle/G9rLQc615wde3p3UA
  2. Read the Vaccination Information Factsheet for Recipients and Caregivers
  3. Fill out the COVID-19 Vaccination Information and Consent Form
  4. Finally, you can either upload the completed consent form to the COVID Vaccine Interest Google Form, or you can bring the completed consent form directly to the healthcare technician at the school. You have to turn in the form no later than three days before the scheduled vaccination date.

See the Clayton County Public Schools School-Based Vaccination Clinic Schedule at https://tinyurl.com/CCPSSBVaxSchedule

If you have any questions about the CCPS Secondary Student COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics, e-mail studenthealth@clayton.k12.ga.us.

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