Boil Water Advisory graphic

by Robin Kemp

The Clayton County Water Authority says Lovejoy and Hampton residents should continue boiling water until at least Thursday afternoon.

No other areas of Clayton County are affected.

CCWA issued the advisory Tuesday after a contractor broke a pipe affecting the area east of Tara Boulevard from McDonough Road to Talmadge Road and west of Tara Boulevard on Talmadge Road and Fuller Street. The pipe lost all pressure and crews worked overnight to repair it.

“Distribution Maintenance crews worked until 1 a.m. Wednesday completing the repair, flushing, and disinfecting the pipe,” said CCWA spokesperson Suzanne Brown. “Water quality lab staff is collecting water samples this morning for testing. Testing results can take up to 24 hours. Once testing is complete and the water is deemed saved to consume, the advisory will be lifted.”

You do not need to boil water for bathing, showering, handwashing, or doing laundry, Brown said.

However, you do need to boil water for drinking, food prep, and brushing teeth. CCWA says you should boil water and let it cool, or else use bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, prepping baby food and formula, making ice, or watering your pets.

The best way to boil water, Brown said, is to fill a pot and heat it until the bubbles rise quickly from the bottom to the top. Let it boil for one more minute, then turn off the heat and let the water cool. Then, pour the water into a clean, sanitized container with a cover and store it.

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