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by Robin Kemp

Got a ticket for a broken tail light or an expired tag? Here’s your chance to get it thrown out.

Clayton County Solicitor-General Charles Brooks and the Office of the Clerk of the State Court of Clayton Countyhave instituted a new online traffic resolution program. This gives drivers the ability to resolve certain traffic tickets without having to go to court in person:

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Drivers also will be able to upload photos, receipts or other evidence that might help them negotiate a dismissal or plea directly with a state prosecutor from the Solicitor’s office.

To celebrate, for a limited time, the Solicitor-General’s office will recommend dismissals for certain tag and maintenance citations, including violations for:

  • defective equipment
  • headlight
  • brake light
  • tag light

as long as you have resolved the problem since getting the ticket.

Should the matter be unresolved, you would then have to go to traffic court.

“For all the terrible things that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, it has also forced courts to be more innovative in court processes and uses of technology in the courtroom,” Brooks said. “This online platform for traffic ticket resolution catches the courts up to today’s technologies and we at the Solicitor’s office will continue to explore ways to use technology to better the courtroom experience of our citizens.”

If you have an outstanding traffic ticket, you can visit the Clerk of State Court of Clayton County’s website at to see if you are eligible for ticket amnesty.

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