by Robin Kemp

The emergency room at Southern Regional Medical Center is “severely overcrowded” as of 12:22 p.m. Monday, August 16 due to COVID-19.

A check of other area emergency rooms shows similar conditions in surrounding counties. Please note: these statuses are subject to change and are meant for routing ambulance traffic.


Emory-Hillandale is listed as “severe” (NEDOCS) and on ER diversion. Emory-Decatur, Emory-University, and the Atlanta VA are “overcrowded” but their emergency rooms are on normal status.


Grady and Wellstar-AMC South report “severe” overcrowding and are on total diversion. Wellstar-AMC, and Wellstar-North Fulton also face “severe” overcrowding. Wellstar-AMC is on diversion for ER, ICU/CCU, medical, psych, and STEMI. Wellstar-North Fulton’s ER and ICU/CCU are “nearing saturation” and on diversion.

Northside Atlanta and Piedmont are “overcrowded” Northside’s ER is on psych diversion. Piedmont’s ER is near saturation and is diverting ER, ICU, medical and psych traffic.


Piedmont Henry is severely overcrowded and on total diversion.

Current Status

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