by Robin Kemp

Clayton County District 3 Commissioner Felicia Franklin says she will vote against the Board of Commissioners’ proposed millage rate increase.

The BOC is proposing an increase of .868 mils for a total of 14.746 mils. With the recent increase in property values, that means homeowners would see a county property tax increase of 6.25%. The School Board voted to keep the existing 20-mil rate, which amounts to a tax increase. The City of Riverdale is also looking at increasing taxes to 11.48 mils, a 15.08% tax increase.

“As Commissioner, I am not in favor of raising property taxes in any proportion, as any increase would be an unnecessary burden to the faithful citizens, homeowners of Clayton County,” Warner said.

“After reviewing the budget and recommendation by the Clayton County staff extensively with several subject matter experts in government finance, it is my assessment that we, as a board, owe it to the citizens to leverage all funding sources to eliminate the need to continue to run the county operations off of the backs of our homeowners. The citizens of Clayton County have enough burden upon them, particularly during these uncertain and unpredictable times as we continue to navigate through the continued effects of COVID-19. The increase may seem small to those of us being asked to make the decision. However, a small increase today is a set-up for continued future increases. Therefore, I, Felicia Franklin, Commissioner, do NOT intend to increase property taxes for the 2021-2022 budget year.”

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