from Board Chair Richard Griffiths

Fourteen months ago, journalist Robin Kemp had a vision for a non-profit news entity focused on covering the nuts and bolts of government in Clayton County and its municipalities.  She started it with a bit of savings and a lot of determination.

Late on election night last year, Robin was the only reporter covering the Clayton County vote count at a critical moment in the Presidential election and the world noticed.  Dozens of unsolicited small donations poured into Robin’s GoFundMe account.  In all, around $35,000 came in, allowing Robin to ramp up The Clayton Crescent so it could better report the news.

To be sure the funds were handled properly, Robin recruited a small board to oversee the operations, to formalize procedures.  A lawyer donated her time to help incorporate and apply for non-profit status.  A CPA volunteered her time to set up the books. A company that provides back-office support to non-profits gave The Clayton Crescent a generous first-year deal to help with the operations and accounting moving forward.

But there are expenses:  There’s rent for the tiny newsroom office in Jonesboro, fees for the back-office management company and accounting, the expenses to go cover the news.  Checks for the Internet connection, webhosting for the site, and software subscriptions must be written.  What’s left pays for a small salary and healthcare for Robin.

And the fact is, to keep The Clayton Crescent going even at the most basic level will require about $80,000 a year.

But what a gift the community gets for those dollars!  The Clayton Crescent keeps on top of business of government, asking the questions and keeping our elected officials accountable.  And she breaks news!  Robin was first to report the federal indictment of Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill on charges he abused inmates at the jail.  The Clayton Crescent was the only news organization to report that residents on U.S. Army property next to the old Fort Gillem were surprised to learn about toxic waste at the base that has been there for decades.

And The Clayton Crescent is being noticed: Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism gave Robin Kemp its 2021 Media Changemaker Award.

So, here’s the ask:  Join me in writing a check to The Clayton Crescent. Mail it to our back office address below. Or click on the link to donate by credit card.  (Credit card processing will take some of your donation.)  Whichever way you choose to give, The Clayton Crescent now has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, so your donation will be tax deductible.

We don’t have embroidered car blankets or coffee mugs to show our appreciation, but you can make a difference by supporting independent, thoughtful, accountability journalism.

Because that’s what The Clayton Crescent is about.

Richard T. Griffiths

Chair, The Clayton Crescent Board

Mail your check to The Clayton Crescent, Inc., 7742 Spalding Drive #209, Norcross, GA 30092