by Robin Kemp

Monday, May 24

Tuesday, May 25

  • 5:30 p.m.: The Clayton County Board of Commissioners holds its work session, which will cover preliminary items for the June 1 regular meeting. Discussion items include an update from Parks and Recreation, a presentation by Chief Resilience Officer and Fire and Emergency Services Director Landry Merkison on restoring competitive testing for promotion to sergeant and lieutenant ranks, as well as changes to “Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services” under County Code Chapter 42. Commissioner Felicia Franklin will present on economic development. There’s also a discussion of the Alzheimer’s Service Center (ASC) up for discussion.
  • 5:30 p.m.: The Morrow City Council will hold its work session, followed by the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Topping the work session agenda is a discussion of personnel matters. That’s followed by a review of the meeting agenda and a discussion of the first reading of Ordinance 2021-07. New business includes “thorough clean” and “People Help Exchange.” A discussion of the retirement plan is marked as “pending,” followed by the usual items on URA finances, Olde Towne Morrow’s rebranding and renovations, the Reynolds Road and Conference Center “Dark Space” planning and budgeting, and the redevelopment of the Meadowbrook property. Look also for “pending” discussions on bond refinancing and on the Morrow Station property, as well as an update on board appointments to the Morrow Housing Authority. Exhibits attached to the work session item indicate a discussion of letters of intent from “potential restaurants” and projects listed as Red House, Green House, and White House, as well as two boutiques. An item listed as “Tracking” asks, “What businesses do we want?” These include:
    • Residential $275-$350K
    • Commercial: Bakery, brewery, Tom Dick and Hank BBQ, Highland Bakery
    • Who is looking? indicates Chris Singh, AG Builders, Hospitality Financial Group, and DJR Construction on the residential side, with “Broker Dionnie” and “Broker Chris Singh,” along with Big Mike Taco and Elfs Bakery on the commercial side.
    • Morrow’s regular council meeting agenda includes approval of the May 11 work session and regular meeting minutes, no new business, a first reading of Ordinance 2021-07, which would allow the city to recover costs for Morrow Fire Department emergency response calls, including a 10 percent service charge to non-Morrow residents whose bills got past 60 days, as well as expenses related to putting out fires, hazardous or toxic material releases, extractions, DUIs, intentional false alarms, arson, non-emergency standby services for “a non-emergency event/situation hosted by a non-profit or for-profit organization,” unless the council votes to reduce or waive charges. These fees would be collected by a company called EF Recovery. The prices, or “Cost Recovery Schedule,” for these services will be set by the City Council. Exemptions for services include malfunctioning alarms (twice in 30 days max), fire on city property not caused by a city employee or agent, or other jurisdictions with which Morrow has a mutual or automatic aid agreement (unless that jurisdiction allows fire and emergency fee recovery). The fees, which are billed to the liable party at a one-hour minimum, include:
      • Ambulance: $50/hour
      • Engine 31/32/33 Fire engine/pumper: $100/hour
      • Ladder 31 (aerial with pump): $200/hour
      • Command vehicles: $25/hour
      • Air monitoring (multi-bas monitor): $45/hour
      • Small equipment (saws, hand tools, scene lights, etc.): $55/hour
      • Large equipment (generators, extrication, fan, etc.)” $65/hour
      • Fire Chief: $41.03/hour
      • Deputy Chief: $35.10/hour
      • Division Chief: $30.05/hour
      • Fire Captain: $21.77/hour
      • Fire Lieutenant: $19.96/hour
      • Firefighter $16.87/hour
      • Consumables (excluding EMS supplies for direct patient care): Current market replacement cost; apparatus and equipment rate accounts for preparation operation, and cleaning/restocking processes
    • An executive session to discuss personnel matters will follow. We’ve made it easier for you to watch Morrow City Council’s recorded meetings on YouTube with this link: tinycc/YTMorrow.

Wednesday, May 26

Thursday, May 27

  • 5 p.m.: The Clayton County Georgia Republican Party will meet at Battlefield Park in Jonesboro for “an informal gathering to unpack the County and District Conventions and prepare for the State Convention in June.” The meeting itself will start at 7 p.m. Arlene Charles will contact members about meal preparation, according to an e-mail from the group. For details, contact Garrett Ashley at
  • 5:30 p.m.: Forest Park Downtown Development Authority: The agenda had not been published as of press time.
  • 6 p.m.: Forest Park Urban Redevelopment Authority: The agenda had not been published as of press time.

Friday, May 28

  • TBA

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