by Robin Kemp

If you’re a homeowner in Clayton County, take a close look at your latest statement from the tax assessor.

The City of Forest Park issued a public notice on its website, saying it had contacted the Clayton County Tax Assessor’s office about this year’s homestead exemption. According to the city, “The assessor’s office updated its IT systems and the exemption files for the City of Forest Park and some other cities did not get updated.”

Because the county already had mailed out estimated bills to homeowners, Forest Park officials “are asking homeowners who received these estimated bills and disagree with the value” to verify their exemption with the city by calling (404) 366-4720, ext. 313 or 343.

The City of Forest Park also said homeowners who disagree with their property tax bill to file an appeal with the Clayton County Tax Assessor’s office.

You can fill out an online form on the Tax Assessor’s website at

If you are a homeowner who lives in your own property but who doesn’t have a homestead exemption, you can apply for one. Visit the Tax Commissioner’s website (as opposed to the Tax Assessor’s website) at

We’re working to learn what other cities might have been affected and will update as information becomes available.

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