Forest Park Police Chief L. Dwayne Hobbs
Former FPPD Police Chief L. Dwayne Hobbs

by Robin Kemp

Federal court records for the U.S. Northern District of Georgia show the City of Forest Park settled a racial discrimination suit brought by former Police Chief L. Dwayne Hobbs.

According to a joint status report filed May 3 by attorneys for both parties, “The Parties have recently resolved the matter and are working to finalize all necessary paperwork. The Parties hope to file the Joint Stipulation of Dismissal with Prejudice in the case within the next month or so.”

Details of the settlement were not included.

Judge Amy Totenberg ordered the suit dismissed without prejudice and gave both sides 45 days to reopen the case, pending final details of the settlement, or to move that the court vacate the order of dismissal. Otherwise, the case will be dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning that it is closed, by that time.

The case was listed as dismissed – settled as of March 4 in online court records.

In the case of former FPPD Major Chris Matson, who also is suing the city on the basis of alleged racial discrimination, U.S. Magistrate Judge Regina D. Cannon granted a request by both parties to extend discovery until August 2, with dispositive motions allowed through September 1. The city has denied that it discriminated against Matson because he is white.