by Robin Kemp

Several readers have contacted The Clayton Crescent this week, saying they did not receive information on when to come back to the Delta Air Museum COVID-19 mass vaccination site for their second shot.

Readers praised the site’s efficiency, but say they’re confused about when they need to come back.

Eddie Ray wrote, “It was great but I was never set up for a second appointment. I am not sure what to do to get my second appointment? My card just says April 1st on it. I attached pictures of my vaccine card. Who can I contact about getting my second shot?”

Sonna Landrum also had questions.

“We received our first dose, on March 8th, at the Delta Flight Museum facility,” she wrote. “Everything was organized and running very nicely. We were very pleased with the experience. The medical personnel were friendly and professional. We were told we would receive an e-mail within 48 hours, to schedule our second dose. So far, no e-mail correspondence has arrived. Attempts to access the ‘‘ website have been unsuccessful. The site doesn’t seem to be functioning, as it remains blank. Any advice or assistance in getting the second dose scheduled would be greatly appreciated.”

Noula Zaharias wrote, “First appointment scheduling was very easy. Having trouble scheduling 2nd appointment. Delta vaccine onsite just gave me card with next date but seemed confused as to how to schedule. Told me they could not schedule on site but someone would email me. I have heard same complaints from others who are due for 2nd and got first dose at same location but can’t get info on how to schedule and have difficulty scheduling.”

Umi Clark says she’s trying to set up her brother’s appointment: “My special needs brother had his first Pfizer dose at the Delta Flight museum on Friday, March 12. However, we don’t think we were automatically confirmed for his second follow-up dose. His vaccine card says April 2, but doesn’t have a time. How can we please ensure we are confirmed for his second vaccine? I’ve tried calling, but can’t reach a person to help, and I’ve tried going through the registration site again, but it seems to only be geared for first-time doses.”

And Sharon Erickson is worried about protecting her son. She also went to the Delta Airlines Museum on March 9 and had a “great experience. The problem is they said I would get an e-mail immediately following to schedule my second appointment- no e-mail arrived- not in spam or trash- my husband either. So now we are scrambling to find second dose. Big breakdown in communication and process that you need to fix….Thank you so much! Anything you can discover would be helpful. Our son is medically fragile/cerebral palsy.  We will do whatever we can to protect him.”

We contacted the Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s External Affairs Team to find out what they should do.

“Within two to four weeks of their first dose, they will receive an e-mail from Sharecare ( with a link for them to schedule an appointment,” GEMA wrote. “After receiving their first vaccine, they were given a card on which a follow-up date is listed. This date is the earliest they may be able to schedule their second dose appointment.”

People should look carefully at the date on their card and check a calendar for this next step. “If the date is at the beginning of the week, then their appointment will be scheduled within that week. If it’s mid- through the end of the week, their appointment will be scheduled for the following week.”

For example, in Ray’s case, his card says April 1, which falls on a Thursday. That means his appointment will be scheduled for sometime the following week.

Confusing? GEMA offers two other ways to get your second appointment.

One is to go to site. You’ll pre-register again, but this time, choose “No, I am seeking my second dose” from the drop-dowm menu.

Landrum said the site was down when she tried to access it. We also had trouble getting the site to come up at press time.

Too much? GEMA also says people can call the Delta Air Lines Museum scheduling number, (844) 275-5425, for help.

Here are the scheduling numbers for Georgia’s other COVID-19 mass vaccination sites:

  • LakePoint Sports Complex: 844-275-8966
  • Macon Farmers Market: 844-274-9841
  • Gulfstream Aerospace: 844-276-2906
  • Albany Georgia Forestry Commission: 844-275-3428
  • Delta Air Lines Museum: 844-275-5425
  • Habersham County Fairgrounds: 844-275-5388
  • Columbus Civic Center: 844-276-1131
  • Waycross Mall: 844-276-3952
  • Sandersville Word of Life Church: 844-276-0928

Let us know if you have trouble scheduling your second vaccination appointment after trying these steps. We’ll do our best to help.

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