by Robin Kemp

The State Election Board will meet on Wednesday, February 24 to hear another lengthy docket of cases, including several in Clayton County.

Investigators with the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s Elections Office make recommendations about whether any charges have been substantiated by evidence. The State Election Board then decides whether or not any cases merit a Letter of Instruction or referral to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr for possible prosecution. Any person accused of alleged wrongdoing whose case is referred is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Under “Letter Cases,” the agenda lists a case involving an election recount in Riverdale from 2017. The case number is 2017-082.

Under “New Cases,” also from 2017, case number 2017-075 involves elections complaints in the City of Forest Park.

Another new case from 2018 has to do with a list of write-in candidates in Clayton County. That’s case number 2018-077.

To attend the meeting via Zoom, register in advance at

See the full agenda at,2021-_Agenda1.pdf.

See previous election results for Clayton County and the City of Riverdale at

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