Properties owned by Development Authority of Forest Park
Properties owned or partly owned by Development Authority of Forest Park, according to Clayton County tax rolls

by Robin Kemp

In a brief meeting on January 20, the Development Authority of Forest Park affirmed the sales of several parcels on Main Street and on College Avenue.

Present were Lois Wright, Eliot Lawrence, Trudy Smith, Councilman Hector Gutierrez, and City Attorney Mike Williams.

Williams said the vote was to affirm “sales of properties you all had previously discussed in executive session.”

Those properties included:

  • 938 Main Street for $75,000
  • Several properties making up “the Zaxby’s property” including 4908 College Street, plus several others on Main Street, for $300,000
  • the “triangle” property for $40,000
  • an unspecified 1.4-acre tract on Main Street for $300,000

The Clayton Crescent will update all the “Zaxbys property” addresses that Williams read off quickly once we confirm those exact numbers.

Clayton County tax rolls show the Development Authority and Kroger Corp. were listed as co-owners of 938 Main Street as of January 1. The fair market value was listed as $142,000.

According to Williams, the affirmation was to “put it on record and satisfy the title companies.”

Lawrence made a motion to approve, which Gutierrez seconded. The item passed unanimously.

Wright said she had promised to get the agenda out “a week or so” in advance and joked that she “put it on the attorney.”

Gutierrez inquired about upcoming training, which Wright said would probably happen in February, depending on scheduling.

The meeting adjourned at 5:34 p.m.

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