by Robin Kemp

The Clayton County Board of Elections and Registration says it will hold a risk limiting audit, expected to be announced statewide at 1 p.m. today by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, at 9 a.m. Thursday, November 12.

The RLA will take place in all 159 counties in Georgia, according to a notice on the Secretary of State’s website. The Secretary of State chooses which races are to be audited.

“Immediately following the announcement, the Secretary of State will oversee the random selection of the ballots to be audited. Counties will be notified of the ballots they must audit following their selection,” the notice read.

An RLA is not a recount; it is a sample to determine whether a recount is necessary.

Here is a copy of the official Clayton County notice posted on the Elections and Registration website:

Garland Favorite of the Georgia Constitution Party and called on people to show up at the Georgia State Capitol at 1 p.m., where Raffensperger is set to make his announcement.

Repeating unsubstantiated claims about “voter fraud,” Favorite urged Raffensperger to choose the Presidential race as the one to sample.

“We must insist Secretary Raffensperger chooses the presidential race, performs authentication of all ballots and orders counties to conduct a full hand count for all ballots cast in the race,” he wrote.

Favorite added, “If you are in your home county Wednesday afternoon or Thursday then you can attend the audit in person as an observer without credentials. We will try to identify the location of each county and inform you since they may not always be in the county elections office due to storage space limitations.”

On November 5-6, a group of more than a dozen Republican observers, most of whom reportedly came in from Chatham County, packed “The Bunker” where absentee ballots were being counted. COVID-19 social distancing requirements were not enforced. Only one person wore a county badge identifying him as an official poll watcher. The crowd thinned out quickly when local and national television camera crews arrived.

The Clayton Crescent has asked Elections Superintendent Shauna Dozier whether any special measures will be taken to accommodate

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