man appears to hold gun to head as Morrow PD talk to him

by Robin Kemp

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner, Morrow Police, Morrow Fire, and Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an armed standoff and fatal shooting involving a man outside the pawn shop at Morrow Crossing across from City Hall:

The Clayton Crescent saw police and fire vehicles forming a perimeter around the shops. At least one officer had his pistol drawn at the low ready and was speaking to the man for some time. A few minutes later, one shot was fired and the man crumpled to the ground. A photo of the standoff appears to show the man holding a gun to his head.

The Clayton Crescent heard but did not see who fired the shot. Morrow City Manager Sylvia Redic later confirmed, “It was a suicide.” Morrow Police also confirmed the man’s “fatal self-inflicted gunshot,” declining to release further information about the incident pending notification of next of kin.

The man on the ground did not appear to be responsive and Morrow EMTs did not render aid as police taped off the scene. Shortly after, three additional CCSO cars running lights and sirens arrived, followed by a K-9 unit.

Across the street, voting continued at Morrow Civic Center. An elections official there had not heard about the incident across the street, the view of which is blocked by a retaining wall.

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