Voters wait in line at Carl Rhozenizer Rec Center, Rex, GA, Oct. 11, 2020

by Robin Kemp

The Clayton County Elections and Registration Office has released unofficial numbers for the first two days of early voting.

Here’s how turnout looked by location:

Historic Courthouse, Jonesboro

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 891
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 741
  • TOTAL: 1,632

Carl Rhodenizer Rec Center

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 602
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 616
  • TOTAL: 1,218

Lee Headquarters Library

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 420
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 346
  • TOTAL: 766

Morrow Municipal Complex

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 483
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 402
  • TOTAL: 885

South Clayton Rec Center sign

South Clayton Rec Center

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 496
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 499
  • TOTAL: 995

Virginia Burton Gray Rec Center

  • Monday, Oct. 11: 623
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: 549
  • TOTAL: 1,172

Overall, 3,515 votes were cast in person on Monday and 3,153 were cast on Tuesday, for a total of 6,668 voters who stood in line–some for eight hours or longer–to make their voices heard.

Mail-In Applications

Elections and Registration also reported 479 mail-in applications were both received and processed on Monday, Oct. 11, while 389 were received and 147 processed on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Ballots Received

Elections and Registration reports it received 903 ballots on Monday, Oct. 11 and 790 on Oct. 12, for a total of 1,693 ballots. Counting 11,980 previously mailed-in absentee ballots, that brings the total to 13,673 total mail-in absentee ballots as of Tuesday, for an unofficial grand total of 20,341 votes cast so far.

The Clayton Crescent is still waiting to hear why ballot boxes in at least two locations other than the Historic Courthouse were wrapped in plastic and inaccessible right next to voters waiting in line on Monday and Tuesday.

Applications and Rejections

To date, Elections and Registration has received 41,141 mail-in absentee applications for ballots. Of those, 40,530 have been processed, with 370 rejections.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office reported 241,706 people cast ballots in person on Monday and Tuesday. That means Clayton County voters represented 11.88 percent of the statewide total.