by Robin Kemp

The Lake City City Council met Monday, Sept. 28 for a work session to discuss a new vendor for Lake City Community Park and other contracts.

City Manager Chris Leighty said the council did not select a vendor during the meeting, adding that he would meet with the top three candidates “to conduct interviews and then make the final decision on [the] vendor.”

The council chose Vanguard to provide cleaning service for City Hall and gave Sweeping Corporation of America the contract for street sweeping, he said.

In addition, Mayor Ronald Dodson and council began budget considerations for 2021.

“We are in the beginning of the budgetary discussions and will not present priorities to the Mayor and Council until October,” Leighty said.

Asked whether COVID-19 had impacted the city’s revenue, he added, “Lake City, like everyone else, has seen a decrease in overall revenue, but we are operating within budget.”

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