by Robin Kemp

Attorneys for Roderick Walker are planning an 11 a.m. press conference Friday, Sept. 18. Walker was released on signature bond from the Fulton County Jail Thursday after having been released and then transferred directly from the Clayton County Jail on outstanding warrants.

On Sept. 11, Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies from the COBRA Unit arrested Walker for refusing to identify himself after they pulled over the car he was riding in for a taillight violation. Deputies alleged Walker and his family were not wearing seatbelts. When Walker asked why he needed to show ID when he was not the driver, deputies told him to step out and a scuffle ensued. Deputy Brandon Myers was fired for excessive use of force and violating his oath. Two other deputies,

Here is a roundup of The Clayton Crescent’s coverage of the Walker case to date:

Roderick Walker’s bloody face during his Sept. 11 arrest by CCSO COBRA deputies in College Park
Walker’s family released this photo of scrapes on his face after the arrest.
Shalanda Price told protestors that CCSO Deputy Brandon Myers and others in the Walker arrest had been abusive to her and her family during an arrest in their own driveway
Walker in custody on Sept. 11
Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley speaks to reporters in front of the Harold R. Banke Justice Center
Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley
Initial incident report, Roderick Walker
The Clayton Crescent filed an Open Records Request immediately following Walker’s arrest and received the initial incident report, a supplemental report, Walker’s inmate records, and personnel files for three deputies who were terminated or resigned as a result of the arrest.
CCSO Deputy Brandon Myers was fired for excessive use of force and violating his oath.

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