by Robin Kemp

Here are the Democrats representing Clayton County at the 2020 Democratic National Convention:

Automatic Delegates

Rep. John Lewis (+) (D-5)

Rep. Lewis’ staff are still in place to handle constituent services under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. See the press release linked on Rep. Lewis’ name above.

Rep. David Scott (D-13)

Rules Committee

Pat Pullar

Party Leader & Elected Official Delegates (PLEO)

State Rep. Rhonda Burnough (D-77), Riverdale: Delegate

“I am honored to represent the City of Riverdale as a Delegate at the 2020 Democratic National Convention,” Burnough said in a press release. “I am proud to select a presidential candidate who will not only prioritize children and education, but someone who takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously enough to help save lives instead of risking them.”

Burnough added, “Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are the right presidential candidates for this moment. They are exactly what our nation needs to begin healing and moving this country forward. Being selected as one of Georgia’s delegates who will help this new administration move us forward is extremely humbling.”

State Rep. Debra Bazemore (D-63), Riverdale

National Convention Member

Alaina Reaves, President, Clayton County Young Democrats/Young Democrats of Georgia

District-Level Delegates

Marion Ray, Jonesboro

Janice Faye Dixon, Jonesboro

The convention kicks off at 9 p.m. Monday’s theme is “We The People.”